The architecture of the Chateau Gaillard in the town's Andélys

The ruins of Chateau Gaillard are among the sights there is to see in the city the Andélys: these relics dating from the 12th century and settled in the ground on the Seine valley. One can also see on the spot the Nicolas Poussin museum and church of Our Lady of Andélys. For accommodation in the town, a room is between 40 and 200 euros. You will find comfortable accommodations in the town, but the periphery offers more possibilities and choices. In the village, you have the hotel The Golden Chain, a three star hotel housed in a small 18th century castle. The views in the rooms are as beautiful as each other, with the Seine, the garden or the old church. With its huge park, the Château Corneille in Vieux Villez is also popular. Clairval Manor is a charming hotel with a well maintained garden and double bedrooms, two stars. The Andelys Hotel offers the most attractive prices with different types of rooms (rooms private bathroom or not): it is situated on the rue Georges Clemenceau, an ideal location for visiting the Chateau Gaillard .