I tested for you ... live a sumo training in Tokyo!

Tokyo, entre culture, tradition et modernité

If there is one, Tokyo is a city of experiences, each more exotic than each other. And in this large list, attend a sumo occupies a place of choice!

If you visit Japan outside of the regular season, you can always attend a training. The problem is that it is far from easy to find a room between those that remain closed, those that do not open to the public, those that charge an entrance fee. You have to have luck, and it was my case!

sumo Trainings are held early in the morning. We decide to go for a location scouting the night, without more information than the name of a subway station a tourist blew me: Hamacho. We go there so hopefully fall on it, which does not happen. But the Japanese are distinguished by a natural inclination to help. By asking our way, we meet a man, and then he spent a day at work, takes the trouble out of the metro and roam the neighborhood asking people the much desired room. Half an hour later, our quest is satisfied!

We're back the next morning around 6:30. The room, very small, is already busy, the three benches reserved to potential viewers are fully occupied. We watch the show through the window from outside, alongside sumo wrestlers coming in traditional dress (or very light), seek some air.

Inside, fighting rages among the ten demigods marching two by two in the center circle. Tension mounts along with moisture, the actors respond blow for blow with surprising power. Around, those who do not fight bombard blows into the open, raise their legs alternately to stretch (like in the movies). I really have the feeling of attending a special moment indeed folk but so true.

Two hours later the healthy image of sumo wrestlers starting again ... by bicycle (!), Sellotape me a smile that will never leave me the day!

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  • The Japanese culture in all its glory
  • The daily sumo wrestlers, with few tourists
  • No entry ticket

    - Cons:

    • The room is small and the seats inside are rare
    • Hard to find

      Advice and tips:
      I am unfortunately unable to give you the exact address. The night before, get off at Hamacho station and ask on the street. Believe in your star, the Japanese will help you always.
      Arrive early (6:00) on that day, if you wish to attend training from inside the room.
      Information practices:
      How to go
      from Paris, 11 am flight to Tokyo
      Hamacho Station (S10) on the Green line?
      variable, usually until the end of the morning
      to see the surroundings:
      the fish market Tsukiji, which can be visited before, around 5 am, for auction on Thon .

      Nathanael Dahan