I tested for you ... a hike on the Great Wall of China!

Voyage en Chine

Visit the Great Wall of China is obviously a must for any stay in the country. To get there from Beijing, there are different means (train, local bus, taxi or even organized tour) but according to the used section, you can bump you to a crowd that will make the experience less enjoyable. Mine was unforgettable.
I use the few hours away to finish my night, before I wake up just before you get to a local offering me his unofficial taxi services. Reassured by two other tourists (Chinese), I decided to take the road with him and immediately negotiates a good price on a Madonna song. One of the two tourists made the translation and ask the driver to drop us on a deserted stretch, which he does brilliantly. After 30 minutes of walking in the forest, we reach the foot of the wall that we climb without harm.
This part of the Wall is very wild and the price of a few scratches from the brambles, I eventually found myself overlooking Walls of kilometers from below with the strange sensation of being alone in the world! I start my hike to Mutianyu and Badaling, allowing me to take advantage of all the solitude and admire, with other tourists, the best preserved part of the Wall.
Five hours later, I finally go down by cable car before taking a taxi that will take me to the bus stop to Beijing. With the feeling of having experienced something great


  • A route that allows to enjoy both the wild part and the restored section of the Wall
  • An exceptional panorama
  • A paltry price
    - Cons:
    • You have to be lucky!

      Advice and tips:
      Avoid the organized tours and tour buses. They charge exorbitant prices when you can get there on her own for pennies
      Prefer the Mutianyu section without neglecting the Badaling tourist section of which can be reached on foot.
      Wear good walking shoes and avoid shorts
      Set the price of the taxi immediately, even (especially) if it does not
      practical information:
      Getting there
      from Paris, 10-hour flight to Beijing
      Join the bus station and take the bus Donzhimen 916
      Finish a taxi
      Two to three hours before taking the bus taxi for 20 to 30 minutes
      Allow between 3 and 5 hours of hiking by. your resistance to fatigue and heat
      the bus ride costs between 1 and 2 euros. In the taxi, negotiate bitterly
      To see in the area.
      Beijing and the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace etc. .

      Nathanael Dahan