I tested for you ... join the North Korean border!

After two weeks in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, I wanted to push the North to experience before learning the exorbitant cost of such an expedition (at least 2000 € for 5 days starting from Beijing, accompanied by officials). Without thrushes ... I decided to go anyway for a ride to the border.
Change of atmosphere, we pass several dams of South Korean military to finally reach the Joint Security Area (JSA).
And there ... so avoid being noticed. Our steps are millimiters. On one hand, the South Korean military, proudly standing staring north. On the other northern military, armed, watching us with binoculars. Between the two, a white line: the border. The tension is palpable and three minutes later, we were asked to leave.
In the afternoon, we will successively visit the Bridge of No Return (where in 1953, it was proposed to Koreans near the border to choose sides finally), a tunnel that the North Koreans dug for infiltrate the south (before being spotted), or one that allows perspective, using binoculars to observe several kilometers into enemy territory.
Around 17 o'clock we us get to Seoul