I tested for you ... the traditional Japanese baths

Volcanic Earth, the Japanese archipelago is a geographical regions among the richest in natural hot springs. And traditionally, residents have taken advantage of these favorable conditions by creating public baths. Known as Onsen, they are still widely used by the locals who go there sometimes daily. On the southern island of Shikoku, Matsuyama city is home to one of the most famous onsen in the country, one that inspired Miyazaki for Spirited Away decor. And for me it was a fantastic experience.
For my first, first I opted for a more expensive room and less run to the second floor of the building. It gives me my yukata and I win the locker room. Not without some trepidation, I detest before pushing the door of the bathroom.
Ten men, all Japanese, in their simplest device, immersed in contemplative silence, enjoy this bath carved like a museum piece. A man leaves me politely place to shower before entering the dance. Modesty little leaves me little, and I enjoy the serenity of the place, thinking of the five centuries contemplate us.
the tradition at the exit of the bath, I rinse myself in the shower before donning my Yukata. A hostess accompanies me to the rest room and I use green tea, I tasted patiently. I do not recall having been more relaxed in my life

more. :

  • A typical Japanese experience
  • A museum Room Decor
  • wellness spa for body and mind

    - Cons:

    • A crowd that remains largely bearable

      Advice and tips:
      If you are modest, first the small room of less crowded up before venturing out into the main room. That said, it would be a shame to ignore the second, you will realize the importance of these baths in Japanese
      tradition Consider asking a short tour of the place, a museum is housed on the third floor
      you can take pictures if you ask your host
      practical information.
      Getting there
      leaving from? Paris, 11 am flight to Tokyo
      Then 2h flight to Matsuyama or 6hrs via Shinkansen Okayama
      Dogo Onsen Place Dogoyunomachi < br /> time
      There is no time limit but usually around 2 hours including preparation, shower, bath, shower, tea ceremony and tour of the museum

      variable rate depending on the room you choose, between 5 and 10 dollars
      see the surroundings:
      Matsuyama Castle

      Nathanael Dahan