I tested for you ... paragliding in Nepal!

Trek au Népal?

If hiking is widely reputed (and rightly so) in the Nepalese mountains, extreme sports are no exception. Because they are primarily a hectic and original way to discover the beautiful scenery.

Last night, for me, was shorter. Not that I relentlessly paced one of the many bars in the city, but rather because it took me the idea to prove that I could do it. Pokhara, near the mountains of the Annapurna and its majestic lake are for a paragliding jump, an idyllic setting.

Accompanied by a road boyfriend is around 10 hours that a 4x4 car gets us close to the agency to lead us to the top of a cliff. On board, the monitors we describe with words appropriateness optimal weather conditions that allow us a nice jump. I are finally ready little attention and launches some humorous words to lower my heart rate. In vain.

At the top, my monitor securely attaches me with Harnet and slipped the only recommendation worthwhile: when I say, let's go, let's go! . Message received. Overlooking a profound emptiness, I focus on the beauty of the sight of other jumpers before being surprised by a GO! Stealth my monitor that triggers a chain reaction in my legs.

I will never forget that feeling of freedom when jumping into the void, and even if the landing was a bit muscular, I will keep an indelible memory!

  • A feeling of freedom!
  • The paradise setting between the mountains and over Lake
  • Inexpensive compared to France

    - Cons:

    • You need a strong stomach

      Advice and tips:
      Avoid lunch before jumping
      Follow the advice of the guide to the letter
      Do not rely on price and take the best agency
      Do not begrudge paying $ 20 extra for photos
      practical information:
      from Paris, 11h flight up Kathmandu
      Then 8 hours by bus to Pokhara
      The company which I purchased was very serious: Sunrise Paragliding www.sunrise-paragliding.com
      Count 30 minutes to the starting point, the jump lasts 30 to 60 minutes depending on the chosen formula (30mn enough for a beginner)
      for 30 minutes accompanied by jump a monitor: $ 80
      extra $ 20 if you want the monitor to take pictures (recommended)
      see da. ns nearby:
      Pokhara, the trek of Annapurna (Poon Hill)

      Nathanael Dahan