I tested for you ... visit the Angkor temples


Considered by many observers as the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Angkor temples are an architectural marvel as fascinating as mysterious. The problem is that everyone knows that your stay will be more enjoyable that you will avoid the flow of tourists and some not very wicked traps. Operating instructions.

At six am sharp the next morning, here we go! The early start is the trick I found to avoid the crowds and especially heat. At the box office, I have the choice between a package 1, 3 or 7 days. I chose the second option. The main temple, Angkor Wat, is the must-see of the complex, I reserve for the end.

But Angkor conceals many other treasures, as the temple of Bayon with enigmatic faces carved in stone, very wild Ta Prohm where nature seems to have taken his hand, and twenty kilometers away, one of Bantrea Srei . The distance borders on the place an almost secret charm, away from the hordes of tourists.

In the end, I chose the twilight to visit Angkor Wat, a particularly good choice. Passenger cars have deserted the site and the sunset on the temple slap gold highlights on the old stones.
+ Pros:

  • A must for history lovers
  • A collection of temples compete in splendor
  • The Smile Cambodians

    - Cons:

    • influx continuous
    • The sweltering heat
    • jokes-tourists insistent

      Advice and tips:
      Visit Angkor Wat at sunset to avoid the crowd
      Do not begrudge paying extra to admire Bantrea Srei, a wonder
      Go at dawn to avoid the heat
      hydrated lot and often
      package 1 day is not enough, but take a day of respite between visits to avoid indigestion < br /> practical information:
      from Paris, 11-hour flight to Bangkok and 1:30 flight to Siem Reap
      negotiate a package with a tuk-tuk from 5 and $ 10 per day
      Between 1 and 7 days at 4 to 6 hours per day, depending on your fatigue and heat. If you choose 3 or 7 days, know that it is not necessary to use these days consecutively
      Package 1 day: 20 dollars
      3 day pass: $ 40
      Package 7 days 60 dollars
      see the surroundings:
      You can reach the capital Phnom Penh by road, or Thailand going back to the north.

      Nathanael Dahan