I tested for you ... whale watching in Mirissa

Set at the foot of the Indian giant, the island of Sri Lanka remains a relatively unknown destination of mass tourism despite its numerous natural attractions and exceptional diversity despite its small size. Tea plantations, religious pilgrimages, idyllic beaches and colonial architecture are some of the advantages of a country widely known also for whale watching.
A half hour tuktuk to join a colorful port which sometimes resembles a cemetery for boat. From here, all shipments.
And both say that we must have the heart faint as the swell is strong, and the frail craft. Different boats keep themselves informed of the status of comments by walkie talkie, which translates into a relentless and massive hunt for large animals. It is one that will draw closer to the animal, even though there is no charter governing the activity in this country.
From our side, we are generally not lucky. In four hours of navigation, we finally perceive that the tail of two whales and a respectable distance. While other tourists affirm me later to have seen up to a dozen in a single shipment and several dolphin banns. Each
his chance

  • The chance of a lifetime
  • affordable
  • An exceptional environment and turquoise water

    - Cons:

    • The absence of conduct charter that could result in the medium term by the desertion of the Sri Lankan coast to mammals
    • The rough seas

      Advice and tips:
      All agencies embark from the same port on the same type of boat, and follow the same routes. So do not deprive yourself to take the one that offers the best rates
      avoid eating or drinking to excess the night before departure.
      Hat and mandatory water bottle
      practical information:
      How to go
      from Paris, 10am flight to Colombo
      Can Bus or Train to the South up? 'Mirissa
      Approximately 5:00
      Varies doubled but negotiate around $ 60
      see the surroundings:
      the paradise beach of Mirissa, Fort colonial Wales, Ella tea plantations

      Nathanael Dahan