Recommended route to Malta


Our journey takes us in Valletta, capital city of Malta Lighthouse then we'll go to the discovery of Mdina.

Valletta is located in the center of Malta. It has a rich culture with 320 historical monuments scattered over an area of ​​55 km².

The hostel Castilla is an impressive building that originally served as the Knights of St. Johns. During the Second World War, this monument was the British military district. Now it is the residence of the Maltese Prime Minister.

To do good business and buy souvenirs of Malta, the street merchants is a good address. This market is open every day of the week except Sundays. There are vegetables, meat but also gold, silver and all types of jewelry. At Valletta, do not miss a carriage ride and make the journey Karozzin St. Georges instead.

Among the places to visit in Valletta, there is the War Rooms Lascaris Lower Barrakka gardens Saint-Jean museum, art galleries, the Manoel theater and the Archaeological museum. The port of Valletta is also an interesting place for a good ride. For lovers of nightlife, St. George has restaurants, nightclubs, bars and cinemas.

Mdina is the old capital of the islands is a beautiful city, it is fortified and is in the center of Malta. The entrance to the city is on the side of the large bus station. From the top of the fortified walls, visitors can have a panoramic view of Malta. Up ahead, stands a hill where the Turks camped during the attack on Mdina. On the right you can see the great dome of the Dome of the church of Mosta. A Medina there are also several museums, cathedrals, chapels and monuments. The Cathedral Museum is one of the most important museums in Malta. original paintings included is, sculptures and rare coins. At the entrance of Mdina, there is also the Chapel of St Agatha. To enjoy a meal or a coffee in a nice place, it is advisable to try the Fontanella restaurant.