Route 10 fortified towns in France

Legacy of the medieval period, restored walls or work of the indefatigable Vauban, France has in its portfolio a significant number of fortified towns and villages. A special charm that seems to affect many visitors!

Here is a selection of 10 walled towns everywhere on the Hexagon, a treat for lovers of old stones:

Carcassonne, Aude

Listed by UNESCO, the most famous of all. Splendid medieval city of Carcassonne must work to conservation status of Viollet-le-Duc, which also has its critics: some liberties have been taken with respect to the original! But do not spoil our fun browsing the streets of Carcassonne, crossing of Narbonne door or by walking on the high walls ... At night, with the medieval city highlighted, the show is just as much a visit.

Saint-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine

We are in the cliches of fortified cities, but anyone who has not visited St. Malo should review the program for its next destinations. Corsair city inflates inside a walled enclosure (the walled city), overlooking the English Channel and the Petit Be strong. The tour of the ramparts is a must, as venture into the narrow streets of the old town, full of character. To visit all year round.

Concarneau, Finistere

A small jewel of military architecture in Concarneau developed on a small island a protected, that Vauban fortified robust defenses: the walled town, which owes its reputation Concarneau. This small fishing town has retained all own charms to the UK to become a step not to be missed in the region. Besides the walled city, small coves and beaches nearby are worth a visit ...

Avignon, Vaucluse

The Papal city remains protected impressive ramparts, marking the boundary between the inner city and the modern city. The pleasure of walking in the historical center of Avignon is at the height of the preserved heritage: the Palace of the Popes, the Pont Saint-Benezet (the famous Pont d'Avignon), the walls, the streets, squares and fountains and this irreplaceable atmosphere of south.

Vannes, Morbihan

Another well known fortified city, the center of Vannes today remains surrounded by ramparts, whose construction corresponds to different historical periods between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries. Very well preserved medieval fortifications shelter several neighborhoods that are all the charm of the city: Saint-Patern, the old valves, is the best example .

Provins, Seine-et-Marne

Not to be missed, close to Paris, Provins is one of the most beautiful walled cities in France. Its classification as World Heritage by UNESCO testifies! The heritage of Provins is admirably preserved: the impressive ramparts, fortified doors, the Tour César, but the half-timbered houses, underground or St. Quiriace college ... a medieval atmosphere alive through regularly organized thematic shows by the city.

Aigues-Mortes, Gard

It was in St. Louis in the thirteenth century, the fortifications of Aigues-Mortes began. Today, this pleasant town in the Petite Camargue surrounded by salt marshes and swamps, stands the landscape with its solid walls which completely surround the city, and twenty towers, the tallest of which rises to 33m. Between Montpellier and the Camargue, a step not to be missed for fans of the genre.

Guérande, Loire-Atlantique

Known all over France for its salt, Guérande not visit only for its marshes. Former stronghold of the Duchy of Brittany, this lovely town has the distinction of having retained all its ramparts that surround the historic center. The walled enclosure was built between the thirteenth and sixteenth century and has suffered very little restoration work: advice to lovers of authenticity !

Villefranche-de-Conflent, Pyrenees Orientales

At the heart of beautiful landscapes of the Eastern Pyrenees, Villefranche-de-Conflent has long been an important defensive site, between France and Spain. Its fortifications bear witness to this, with the walls protecting the city, built in the eleventh century by the Count of Cerdagne and strengthened under the influence of Vauban, to whom we also owe the Fort Liberia dominating Villefranche-de Conflent. An exceptional heritage, listed by UNESCO.

Brouage, Charente-Maritime

It ends with a small city certainly little known but charming. Brouage, built-shaped stronghold was once a port on the Atlantic. The retreat of the sea up this village in the heart of Charente marshes, offering an unusual sight: the walls of the seventeenth, the Royal Gate or other military buildings make up the architectural heritage of a beautifully kept village a pearl .