Ideas weekend within 2 hours from Paris

Prepare a weekend at least 2 hours from Paris

Most Parisians agree: to fully appreciate living in Paris, he must also leave! But to leave, it takes time, and that is too often lacking. It is not compulsory to go to the other end of the globe to get away and enjoy a pleasant change of scenery: two hours from Paris, it is possible to find a weekend idea of ​​crowd that we easily organized on one or two nights there. Suddenly a car or train, or via a short flight, the choice of destinations from Paris is wide. One tip, if you are flying for a weekend, take only the bare necessities. The checked baggage should be avoided, to save time and two flight hours does not become 4 hours at the airport! Two choices are available to you to organize your weekend: by creating your own program, transport and accommodation on site, or you dégotant offers a living where everything is provided for you. These formulas weekend are abundantly available on the sites of tourist offices and some present online travel agencies. Good business is to grab!

The Vexin French Regional Park

No need to travel thousands of kilometers to discover beautiful protected natural areas: the regional park of French Vexin is located in the Ile-de-France and offers pleasant rural landscape, the opportunity to experience a weekend in the campaign. Things to see and do during the weekend? It largely has plenty to occupy the weekend. For outdoor enthusiasts, this will be hiking, horseback riding, biking, or canoeing, river fishing or paragliding or ballooning for more sensations. By car, you can discover villages, castles ... the historic heritage adds to the natural heritage, in the valleys of the Oise and Epte. Other occupation: taste the local produce, from the producers or the good restaurants nearby. Or sleep ? Auvers-sur-Oise gathers several types of accommodation, but the possibilities are wide across the Vexin. The opportunity seems perfect to test a weekend in one of the many villas in the park, unless you prefer a hotel, hostel, guest house or camping. How to get there ? By car it takes less than an hour away via the A15 to rally the park. The Park House is located in the small town of Théméricourt. With transport, take the RER and get off at Cergy; Bus shuttles are provided from May to September.

A toned Honfleur

Fleurie coast is known for its beautiful resorts full of charm, a reputation that brings Honfleur largely his contribution! Small Norman full of character harbor, Honfleur seems to have retained the manners that marked artists such as Courbet, Monet and Boudin ... no doubt, the sea air of Honfleur is the promise of a pleasant weekend. Things to see and do during the weekend? Just the ride on the docks of the old port is worth the trip. The visit to the center through the Eugene Boudin museum and the museum Erik Satie: a cultural touch to the weekend! In the greyness or under the sun, do not forget to make a jump to the beach. And to regain strength, generous cuisine only to none. Or sleep ? Honfleur attracts many visitors, better book your accommodation in advance, whether you choose a guest house, a boutique hotel in the historic center or a room with sea view ... Your budget? Directorate campsites near vicinity. How to get there ? Honfleur is located on the Normandy coast, 200 kilometers from Paris: by car, take about 2 hours. By train, from the Saint-Lazare station to Deauville-Trouville, correspondence provided by bus.

Culture and outdoors in Fontainebleau and Barbizon

Seine-et-Marne, south of Paris, take the direction of Fontainebleau full common prestige because of its famous castle, but just as attractive for its national forest, scene of many activities and outdoor sports. Nearby, Barbizon, charming village inspired so many painters that gave its name to a current, the Barbizon school! Things to see and do during the weekend? The course must visit the castle of Fontainebleau rest: plan a little time to walk around ... The forest of Fontainebleau is an ideal playground for a walk in the forest, or a sportier ride, walk, cycle or horseback. Riding to the coast at Fontainebleau. Other popular leisure corner, climbing. On the side of Barbizon, do not miss the Auberge Ganne and Museum of the Barbizon school. Or sleep ? In Fontainebleau, you can get yourself a comfortable two castle. luxury level, this is from 2 to 4 stars. Also note, B & Bs, lodges and campsites present in the immediate area. How to get there ? By car from Paris, Fontainebleau is less than an hour via the A6. By train 40 minutes from the Gare de Lyon, stop Fontainebleau-Avon, towards Montargis Sens.

A break in the Oise

Oise department is located north of the Ile-de-France: here we enter in Picardy. Many do not jump to the ceiling with the idea of ​​starting in the Oise, and yet ... historical, amusement park, forests and countryside, the Oise has wh

at it takes for a busy weekend! Things to see and do during the weekend? Of course, a weekend does not have time to see everything in this department, so let's focus on the essentials. You can organize a tour with a stop in Chantilly to visit the famous castle and then take the direction of Compiegne, to visit the city and enjoy the outdoor activities in the forest (hiking, biking, horseback riding, etc. etc ...). For lovers of old stones, a step in Senlis for its abbey is required. Or sleep ? Hotels around Chantilly, a guest house in Compiegne, or better yet, why not try to reside directly in the country? You'll have no trouble finding a cozy cottage in the Oise: it's time to go green tourism! How to get there ? By car, it takes less than an hour of drive from Chantilly from Paris, an hour to rally directly Compiegne (A1). Senlis is on the same route.

Weekend gastro Champagne

To the east of Paris and the Ile-de-France, Champagne is a region known for its famous sparkling wine ... In the department of Marne, you will find everything you need to organize a weekend between gastronomic and cultural discoveries. Between Reims and Epernay, the capital of Champagne, you have the choice between a weekend in the city or the countryside, and exciting topics Tour ... Things to see and do during the weekend? Focus your weekend on a relatively small area, starting with the visit of Reims, must for its historical heritage. Feel free to test the good food, then go roam the Champagne Route. Going through the Montagne de Reims (classified Regional Park), 70 kilometers from a splendid wine route, marked up Epernay. Here, steps in tasting the champagne houses, whose fame far beyond the borders. Or sleep ? Choose according to your taste you prefer to put your bags: a comfortable hotel in the historic center of Reims, a guest house of Epernay side or a cottage in the countryside around the Montagne de Reims? How to get there ? From Paris, it takes about 1h30 drive from Reims. The car is ideal for exploring the Champagne Route.

Escape character in the Somme

Need a getaway to escape the green for a weekend in Paris stress? Wild landscapes, birds, nature activities, the meeting between the country air and sea air ... welcome to the Bay of Somme, Picardy, a destination all found two hours paris! Things to see and do during the weekend? One thing is certain, the weekend will take serious outdoor accents. To discover the natural landscapes of the Somme Bay, the largest estuary in northern France, guided tours with naturalists House Bay, bird watching in the reserve of Marquenterre, near Saint-Quentin-en -Tourmont, bike ride, kite or sea trips from Le Crotoy, a pretty seaside town ... Fish and seafood, the seafood is invite your plate, not to mention the delicious lamb of salt meadows. Or sleep ? Optionally your luggage directly to Crotoy, in a hotel, guest house or camping to limit costs. For a weekend 100% natural, take your quarters in a cottage in the Somme. How to get there ? By car, take about two hours drive to reach the Bay of Somme, via the A16 from Paris. Crotoy is not far off.

History and heritage side of Orleans

South of Paris, reachable in no time, Orleans is a must for a whole region classified by Unesco: the Loire Valley! For a weekend full of history and rich in architectural discoveries, plus a kind of tip, seems Orleans a destination all indicated. Things to see and do during the weekend? Two days will not be too: the historical center of Orleans includes several remarkable monuments, such as the Holy Cross Cathedral, squares, mansions ... not to mention the museum of Fine Arts. Orleans is also the Loire and its castles (Chamerolles Gien ...). It does not take long to reach the wild shores following the bike paths. Some beautiful walking routes to go green in the Loire Valley, the forest of Orleans or in Sologne. Or sleep ? Hotel 1-4 stars in the center of Orleans, according to your desires for comfort, night in a castle, a cottage or a charming guest house in the vicinity of the Loire Valley, or camping outdoor weekend ... is spoiled for choice. How to get there ? From Paris, count 1h30 by car, via the A10 motorway. The car is convenient for visiting the area, although a bike rental on site is appropriate. TER stop Orléans Center, from 1:05 from Paris Austerlitz.

Active Weekend Lille

You want to change the atmosphere of Paris without seeing you in the open field? So why not organize your next weekend in Lille? She who was the European Capital of Culture is booming, its dynamism is infectious and is also gaining visitors. Heritage, museums, cultural events and nightlife, you will not have time to get bored. Things to see and do during the weekend? Walk in the city center from the Grand Place (to see the view from the top of the belfry): the Vieille Bourse, Palais Rihour, Opera, stores, restaurants ... Discover the old town its narrow streets full of charm. On Sunday morning, a round the side of the popular Wazemmes market. Radius culture, the Palace of Fine Arts, large institution, and the Folies houses, creative and artistic. The evening trip to bars to taste the atmosphere of the Lille night. Or sleep ? Wide selection of hotels, according to your desires comfort. For smaller budgets, Lille hostel will make great service. Otherwise, consider the guesthouses or furnished rentals, to rent for a weekend. How to get there ? By car, count two hours from Paris, direct route via the A1. By train an hour from the North Station.

A short stay in Corsica side Ajaccio

The charm of the ferry crossing to reach Corsica is unmatched, but that does not matter, no time to sentimentality when it has only a weekend. Direction airport, with a Paris-Ajaccio in pocket, quickly dispatched a Corsican weekend but oh how saving! Things to see and do during the weekend? In Ajaccio even walk in the city center, visit the monuments dedicated to Napoleon time at the cafe terrace, restaurant and fiesta night in bars and clubs. In the near surroundings, possibility of hike Crest Road to the islands Sanguinaires. Beach and water sports are in the game. Or sleep ? A hotel or guest house in the center of Ajaccio will be convenient, but the view of the sea from some road Sanguinaires institutions will give an extra cachet to stay. How to get there ? By plane so 1:35 flight from Paris with Air Corsica airlines, Air France and Easyjet.

Brussels, a European capital close to Paris

Certainly the most quickly accessible European capital from Paris via train. Brussels is certainly not very far, but the scenery will be at the rendezvous. The Belgian capital is creative and alive, full of surprises. In two days, just enough time to tour the great unavoidable with a cleverly orchestrated weekend. Things to see and do during the weekend? Any stay in Brussels begins on the Grand Place, emblematic of the capital. Around the historic center, Manneken Pis, a little shopping in the Galerie St. Hubert, one or two museums of Mont des Arts, the Petit and Grand Sablon, peripheral neighborhoods of Ixelles, the Marolles, the Cinquantenaire Park or the Atomium, you will not have a minute to lose. Do not miss the chip shops in Brussels, Belgian specialties and beer bars. The weekend, Brussels is experiencing nocturnal restlessness that entice night owls. Or sleep ? comfortable hotels, guest houses or B & B in the center for a charming setting, youth hostels and small hotels eccentric for smaller budgets. Some good weekend réducs the side of the hotel for a business clientele. How to get there ? By car, count 3 hours and as we are limited to 2 hours one solution, train. From the Gare du Nord, Thalys joined Brussels South Station in 1:20.

Switzerland premiere in Geneva

How to reconcile quality of life, fresh air, cultural visits and urban environments in one weekend? By booking his next start in Geneva by plane, you end up on the shores of Lake Geneva in a wink from Paris. Things to see and do during the weekend? Two days in Geneva will not be too much to go around the major attractions of the city. Share your time between visits to museums (Art and History Museum, Museum of the Red Cross, MAMCO ...) stroll in the old town, window shopping at the luxury boutiques, walks on the docks to the famous fountain and a cruise on Lake Geneva. Or sleep ? A weekend in Geneva is nothing trivial matter ... and budget hotels are expensive! For a splurge, treat yourself to a room in an establishment of luxury on the banks of the lake and a charming address in the historical center, hotel or B & B. More functional hotels are located in the station area, the hostels are the most affordable options. How to get there ? By plane, flight 1:10 for Paris-Geneva, with the companies Air France, Swiss and Easyjet.

Crossing the Channel for the weekend: London

The darling of foreign weekends from Paris, London. Of course, in two days, drastic choices will make about the program on the spot, because London did not reveal in so little time. A breathless weekend in perspective ... given the proximity of London, by train or plane, we not hesitate to multiply the return trips. Things to see and do during the weekend? Needless to try to list the best, depending on the tone you want to give your little journey: great museums, underground galleries, monuments and architecture, eclectic atmosphere of London neighborhoods, shopping, department stores and trendy boutiques, pubs and fish and chips, concerts and late nights ... or a mix of all the trends. Or sleep ? Your wallet may take a hit in London, especially for accommodation. With some savings, why not offer a charming B & B, for a typically British weekend? Budget, book early your dorm bed in the hostels around the station St Pancras for example. How to get there ? The train or plane. Eurostar, on average 2h20 journey from the Gare du Nord in Paris to Saint Pancras: practice, you land in the heart of London, without wasting time. By air 1:15 with Air France, British Airways and Easyjet. Disadvantage:. Center-trip airport

Milan, the fashion capital in one weekend

Milan is often forgotten tourist tours in Italy. Admittedly, the Lombard capital has no architectural prestige of Venice, Rome or Florence, but not Milan remains a dynamic city, cultural and creative. Perfect for refuel new time for a city break. Things to see and do during the weekend? In the historic center, fairly restricted, the must mark the great minds: the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the Castello Sforzesco and its museums. Radius cultural institutions, the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana are a must. For the curious, you have to book well in advance to see the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Do not miss the aperitivo bars in the Navigli and an exceptional evening at the Scala in Milan. Or sleep ? You can find everything at the hotel, from the chic and comfortable to the most basic, including hostels. Excentrez you to find affordable prices. An interesting option: renting an apartment for the weekend. How to get there ? In less than two hours, no choice as the aircraft: average 1:30 flight, Alitalia, Air France and Easyjet from Paris.

Time difference Madrid

Madrid is well within the same time zone as Paris, yet the shift is certain: for the duration of a weekend, put yourself in the Spanish time, where we saw late at night and we spend time outdoors! Madrid is also the cultural capital of Spain, in short, you will have your hands full. Things to see and do during the weekend? No time to lose, these two days will spin at full speed. Do not miss the visit of the Prado and the Reina Sofia, two outstanding museums, walk the streets of the historic center, laze on the side of the Plaza Mayor, a walk in the park Retiro, and above all, a night out when streets come alive, tapas bars and moods shifted bars of Chueca and Malasaña. Or sleep ? Many very cheap hostals offer rooms at low prices on the Gran Via and around the historic center. For added comfort, no problem, several luxury hotels in the heart of Madrid offering everything you need. How to get there ? By plane, a Paris-Madrid takes 2:15: no time to get bored in flight. Vueling, Air France and Easyjet provides the connection from the airports of Paris. In Madrid, good news, the airport is 15 minutes by subway from the center.