Ideas for a successful weekend in Andalusia

In this a very special travel destination! Andalusia is one of those areas of the world where magic reigns supreme! But in Spain, when we went there, there was this strange feeling of being in another world region. Andalusia is very extensive, weekend might be a little short to go around so it will target the cities you prefer to discover.

The city of Seville is a real institution in artistic past. it can not make and do not discover all of its monuments. Beautiful palaces from a distant time and well colored churches and well preserved. The Alcazar Palace, is to visit during your weekend in Andalusia. Gothic style, it is the work the most gigantic in this style of architecture. The Alcazar Palace was a royal residence consists of a set of palaces, courtyards and lush gardens. Speaking of gardens and green areas, the city of Seville has the most beautiful gardens in the area. Some are even classified as UNESCO heritage.

Another interesting city is Córdoba and its famous mosque and Heritage of Humanity. If we say it was long the capital, you will therefore understand its rich historical heritage. To absolutely see the Mezquita which is a jewel of Islamic religious art.

Cordoba also worth a stroll through its streets. Go on foot to discover all its beautiful flowered patios. You will love this contrast is displayed with all its white houses.

Finally Granada is surely the most beautiful city in Andalusia. Granada, built at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, is sumptuous. Just visit the famous citadel of the Alhambra to achieve it. The beauty of this monument is such that it almost became one of the new wonders of the world. It is nonetheless the most visited monument and the most emblematic of the city.

But Granada is also another all as valuable monuments such as the Palace Nasrid which was the residence of was sovereign.

with 320 days of sunshine per year Granada is also a great destination for walking on the beach or enjoy the charm of the sea.