Weekend idea: a city break in Lille

For a city break, we advise you to discover the northern capital, the inevitable city of Lille. And even if you already know the city, know that each visit to the city is a unique initiation. For Lille is these cities that know how to live in harmony with culture, tradition and modernity. Begin your stay with a cultural touch by visiting the Old Lille. Go to the Grand Place, in the center of Lille, to discover the famous landmark.

La Vieille Bourse, jewel of Flemish architecture is the main cultural attraction in the city, it is located between the Grand Place and the Theater Square. Very old, it comes to us from centuries since it was Philip V, King of Spain and Flanders, who ordered its construction by Julien Destrée. It was completed in 1653. It is nicknamed the well since the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the 1910s, it is now an historic monument in 1921. It is a great architecture and period decoration that emerges from this old stock site. A true piece of art that's clear. Today, market activity has been replaced with a commercial activity of the most curious. You can see at the courtyard of bookstores and booksellers and florists. It is the meeting place for all budding loafers. Every year there is organized the jazz festival "Spring of the Old Stock Exchange."

The Palace of Fine Arts or the Notre Dame de la Treille deserve a little jump for the beauty of their architecture. The construction is so well preserved that it seems that the time saved them.

After this little tour of historic treasures Lille, instead that the region is better, the kitchen. Taste the typical local cuisine and done your shopping at the Wazemmes market. You can also eat in a regional restaurant Lille, who have good cuisine. We invite you to discover the Rijsel The tavern, traditional restaurant in Lille, for a typical Flemish cuisine.