iDBUS on the road ... Cheap

The new lines of European bus SNCF recently serving several major European cities from Paris, Lyon and Lille. The good news. Very low prices for future weekend

The SNCF has created its own travel service in long-distance bus, iDBUS . With ten destinations concerned, the initiative is still in its infancy, with lines linking France ( Paris , Lyon , Lille ) to several European cities, Amsterdam , Brussels , London , Milan ... < / p>

And the first conclusion is clear: prices are very interesting ! A round trip from Paris for a weekend in Amsterdam in less than 80 euros per person, it is possible. Sure, the journey is by bus, and a bus, it does not run very fast. In return for much lower prices to the train and most flights, it will do with a journey time (much) longer ...

iDTGV therefore a direct competitor of the venerable bus Eurolines : far from offering such a wide range of locations, the company SNCF is however pointed questions comfort and service on board Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, followed the route in real time, captain edge ... but also reclining seats, significant for journeys night that save valuable time!

More convenient and secure as carpooling, bus is also a transportation more eco as the plane or private car for example. Unlike the train, iDBUS practice permanent price no fluctuations to peak or last minute ... unless you come across a coupon, and then the price of bus suffer no competition.

iDBUS how does it work?

-For iDBUS book your trip; it is imperative to go through the . Search for tickets is simple and fast.

-A single class, same comfort for all. You can book the room of your choice, which are numbered.

-The payment is made online , with bank card. You then print your ticket (it is registered).

-Attention! Identity card (or passport) required to board the bus.

-As with the plane, you are entitled to 1 hand luggage and 1 hold baggage . To ensure support for a second checked baggage, you will pay 5 euros extra.

-The iDBUS tickets are exchangeable up to 12 hours before departure.

-The price '' tribes '' applies if going more than 4: from 4 to 7 reserved seats, 1 free, beyond 8, 2 seats available .

The destinations served from France:

From Paris Bercy (destination, travel time, one-way prices)
  • Paris Bercy Amsterdam, 6:50, 4 starts / day, from 35 Euro
  • Paris Bercy Brussels, 3:50, 8 departures / day, from 19 Euro
  • Paris Bercy Lille 3 hours, 11 departures / day, from 14 Euro
  • Paris Bercy London, 8:35, 7 departures / day, from 35 Euro
  • Paris Bercy Milan, 3:15 p.m., 3 departures / day, from 39 Euro
  • Paris Bercy Turin 12:25, 3 departures / day, from 29 Euro

    From Lyon (destination, travel time, one-way prices)
    • Lyon London, 16:30, 2 departures / day, from 39 Euro
    • Lyon Milan, 8:30, 3 departures / day, from 29 Euro
    • Lyon Turin, 5:40, 3 departures / day, from 25 Euro

      From Lille (destination, travel time, one-way prices)
      • Lille Amsterdam, 3:30, 3 departures / day, from 29 Euro
      • Lille Brussels, 1:45, 4 starts / day, from 15 Euro
      • Lille London, 5:45, 4 starts / day, from 29 Euro
      • Lille - Paris Bercy, 3 hours, 11 departures / day, from 14 Euro

        + Pros

        not -Go back and dear
        permanent -Rates
        -Confort on board

        - Less

        -Number of limited destinations
        -Time long trips to nearby destinations of usually