Accommodation in India: the right choice

Vacances en Inde

It's decided, India is your next destination? Read this it may be helpful in finding you a good accommodation. If you plan to opt for the most common formula: a hotel room, it will be very careful in the choice of your business. Indeed, in India the hotel name is used improperly and wrongly, will need to take your time to choose the institution, and the best solution is to use advices, they alone to give you an objective opinion. One tip, do not jump on the cheapest deals if you may fall on a hotel room unsanitary, no comfort: no private toilet or hot water. While the hotel rooms less than 5 € per night should be avoided. If your budget is quite limited targeting the category of hotels with rooms from 400 to 900 Indian Rupee, between 7 and 15 €. Here the rooms are much cleaner and are usually equipped with private toilet. Think all the same to bring with you your towels, toilet paper and soap. And if your budget allows you the luxury hotels in India and it is not lack of choice, it will just put the price.

Besides the hotels, India has many alternative offers, such as retiring rooms, these small rooms and dormitories located in the stations and airports, rather they are for travelers in transit. Do not expect any luxury, the setting is very summary. If you plan to opt for this type of accommodation, prefer private rooms for reasons of safety and cleanliness. You have two types of rooms: inexpensive rooms and others a little more comfortable with hot water and even air conditioning. Otherwise, you also have hostels. They are common in big cities. Unlike other countries Hostels in India are not an economical, they offer the same price as the mid range hotels for comfort that is not always the rendezvous. Before you pay your bedroom or dorm bed, ask to see the places to avoid any unpleasant surprises. If you do not have a map of the hostels will be asked to pay extra.