Budget accommodation in Martinique: make the right choice!

Plongée à la Martinique

Find a budget accommodation in Martinique is far from a trivial task. Indeed, being a tourist destination, accommodation rates are exorbitant especially in high season (December to April). But fear not, alternatives exist to pay a lower rate. The best solution is to choose a stay all inclusive, this will cost you much cheaper than paying each service alone: ​​airfare, transportation and accommodation. If you are not fond of this type of stay, then you need to take in advance to make your hotel reservation, if you not only pay the expensive price but in addition you may find all comprehensive institutions. The second solution to stay cheap in Martinique is to opt for alternatives such as house rentals. This formula is especially very advantageous for those traveling to many. And as a matter of economy, this type of accommodation is warmer and more authentic than the hotels. You have to share your food with the masters of the place, ideal for diving in Martinique living every day. As for prices, they differ from one institution to another according to the offers: welcome at the airport or not, half board or full board, comfort rooms, etc. To get an idea on tariffs, take a look at the following site: http://www.gites972.org/ . If you intend to make your booking online, read the terms of the contract. Consider also call 2 to 3 days before to confirm your arrival especially if we will pick you up at the airport.

The site is also a very good solution to stay cheap in Martinique, but this formula is unfortunately not widespread in the country. It has only one official campsite in Sainte-Anne. However, you can camp anywhere on the beach or in the forest provided to request authorization from the town hall. Warning do not do it if you do not have this permission, wild camping is prohibited in Martinique.