Ghent night festivities of the city

Facades de Gand

Discover the charm of the night during your stay in Ghent. This beautiful Belgian city will offer you a unique chance to party otherwise. A change of scenery. Enjoy a good coffee, the rhythms of good music. Enjoy a beer in a splendid waltz Belgian traditional dance. Thrill to the sounds of top DJs melodies. Ghent offers you a chance to party every night, a total emotional release until dawn.

Go to the famous Patershol district, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. Rub shoulders with the most renowned restaurants international gastronomy, Flemish or even Asian. Take the path of Sint-Baafsplein and enjoy a drink in one of the famous bars in the city such as the Passion, the Daeninck, or Henk Goossens. Until daybreak, The Three Towers, the Saint-Nicolas Church, the Belfry and St. Bavo Cathedral, illuminate your way with their lights blazing.

You're already on top of your emotions? Take the road south district, Zuidkwartie or is erected one of the most majestic nightclubs Ghent. Between the night clubs, the boxes of "live shows" and orchestras, you will be amazed by the student atmosphere that the city of Ghent to all visitors from around the globe.

If, by chance, you decide to go in Ghent in October or July you will have the chance to meet the International Festival of Flanders and the Ghent festivities. More on: