Stroll through the beautiful city of Ghent

Facades de Gand

For your next vacation consider visiting Ghent in the heart of the Flemish region in Belgium. Follow signs for the road to St Bavo's Cathedral. First great place to visit. A Gothic ruin, dating from the 13th century. After winding its 444 steps, you will have a first idea of ​​the splendor of this city through its panoramic view. Once back down, take the docks legendary lily. En route to the castle of the counts. A medieval building dating from the 12th century. Follow the path of the Design Museum, the museum is a successful marriage between ancient and modern. Other architectural and cultural gems will be on your way. Directorate Belfry area, you will mark your passage Grand. Read the names of the streets. If you can Hoogpoort is that you are at the right address. Explore this area, step by step. Read the name of each corner. There you are, finally. Werregaren Street or graphiti street. While it is only a lane. Only it's a graphiti museum in the open. So, without further ado book your flight destination Grand

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