Medieval Feast "On behalf of the Rose" After the East: "In the Name of the Rose"


8 and 9 August 2015, both day and night.
the medieval village of St. Antoine is celebrating. The city modernized after the Crusades, the arts and sciences progress ... but the Inquisition is not far away.
ensure soldiers while troubadours musicians, dancers and monks defrocked amuse the public.
another world is waiting outside the city: the misfits, rogues, rascals, soldiers become bandits ... a real court of gay and free miracles
- falconers will be there with their hunting demonstration, <. br /> - 4 music companies with dancer
- the acrobats and quarrelsome surprise the public
- the camps are rife with demonstrations, initiations, workshops, fighting, weapons seats ...
10 hours of shows, events, initiations, entertainment, concerts and the grand final show of music and fire ... Regardless of age, everyone will experience all aspects of the middle ages !!!
Admission fee giving access to all the shows and the final, teen discount, free children -6a ns -life-of-associations.htm