Summer festivals in France

The summer time festival

The good weather and sunshine, warmth and good humor, the long days and nights remain soft ... the summer, everything is to want to keep his nose out, enjoy music, theater and performances of all kinds, in a festive atmosphere. For those who go on holiday in France for others who remain in their region, summer is a time to be interested in the festival program throughout the country, countless events take place between June and September , two-day festival, two months, on various topics, but often with music ... The summer festivals in France are therefore legions therefore unnecessary to try to list them all ... the list is too long. Here, we make a small selection of festivals among the best known, but also other more unusual, in the order they appear throughout the summer, which provide a full schedule of festival. But the list is far from exhaustive, do not hesitate to look at the smaller festivals that bloom summer through all France: they will hold many surprises !

The Music Festival throughout France

It's a bit the launch of summer festivities, as the Music Festival held annually during the day and especially the evening of 21 June for the summer solstice. The Music Day was created in 1982 on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, and since, the recipe has been emulated around the world. The principle is simple: music accessible to everyone and is for everyone, because all styles are represented. The opportunity to go out with family like to party late into the night, against a backdrop of varied rhythms. A good way to start the summer. -Thématiques: street music, concerts. -Dates: every year on June 21 -Entrance, formulas many amateur concerts in the street, in bars, just free. -program, info: and on the websites of Commons -How to go: going out at night in your city! Large concerts logically held in major cities: in Paris, for example, some artists in vogue occur each year .

Solidays festival in Paris

A festival that is not content to dance the festival: the Solidays is organized by Solidarité Sida with the objective of helping in the fight against this disease, for which purpose the revenue of the festival are donated to associations in France but also abroad. The festival offers annually quality programming, bringing together established and emerging musical artists, for three days of concerts at the Longchamp racecourse. In addition to concerts, the Solidays provides entertainment for children, rides, associative stands, relaxation areas and restaurants serving cuisines come from around the globe. -Thématiques music, the fight against AIDS. -Dates: over three days in late June. -Entrance, formulas to pass the day, at night, for two or three days, but also including a location for camping ... There are people annually to Solidays, do not hesitate to book your seats in advance . -program, info: -How to go: The festival takes place at the Longchamp racecourse in the Bois de Boulogne. By car, pay parking. By subway Line 10 (Boulogne Jean Jaurès), 1 and RER C (Porte Maillot). Free shuttles from Porte Maillot.

Hellfest Summer Open Air Clisson

Established in 2006, here is a focused festival entirely dedicated to metal. Those who are not fans of the genre and the musical world does not have much to do around, but given the attendance of Hellfest, which increases exponentially year after year, there are dozens and dozens of thousands of festival goers who answered the call to the call. Hellfest is today among the leading music festivals in France. The program does not disappoint and the big names in the metal scene punctuate the concert schedule, which usually lasts three days. -Thématiques: metal concerts. -Dates: every year around mid-June. -Entrance, formulas: a bypass is proposed for each day or for the entire festival. Possibility to pitch his tent camping festival with the pass. -program, info: -How to go: Hellfest in Clisson unfolds. Clisson? A small town located south of Nantes, Loire-Atlantique. To get there by car via the D763, train, Nantes TGV then link Nantes-Clisson (15min). Possibility to return by bus, with Novo Travel, partner of the festival for many towns in France.

The Carcassonne Festival

One more reason to want to know Carcassonne its festival. One of the most important in France, the Festival of Carcassonne not done in half measures because it takes almost two months, from June to August. Almost all summer so! In addition, the festival is far from one-dimensional: a variety of creative disciplines are at work, with circus and theater, classical music such as rock concerts, many leading singers, ballets like contemporary dance ... a program that should suit all tastes, as the themes are varied! So many events, which can only be enhanced by the exceptional setting offered by Carcassonne: the med

ieval city to itself alone was worth the trip, the festivities give it an extra dimension. -Thématiques: many, art, dance, theater, circus, classical music and concerts. -Dates: the last week of June to the first week of August. -Entrance, formulas reservation form to fill out in advance advisable, online or directly on the booking points in Carcassonne. Discounts for youth and seniors. The Culture Pass offers discounts on shows, concerts on the past ... concerts. -program, info: -How to go: everything goes in Carcassonne. Connections by train, TGV station of Carcassonne. If you plan to linger in Carcassonne during the festival period, do not neglect to book your accommodation in advance.

Jazz Festival in Vienna

We can not honestly say Vienna in the heart of the Isere, is a major tourist destination of France, yet a lot of visitors come here every summer during his festival. These visitors have a few things in common: a passion for jazz! Vienna hosts a large and simply named Jazz Festival in Vienna every summer, ever since 1981. Meanwhile, the festival's fame has crossed borders! Great jazz musicians have passed through the stage of Vienna's ancient theater, and programming proves its value every year. -Thématiques jazz music and concerts. -Dates: late June and mid-July, about two weeks. -Entrance, formulas concert prices vary headliners. Places can be booked on the festival website or from the usual retailers. -program, info: -How to go: Vienna is located thirty kilometers south of Lyon. Free parking is available just outside the city during the festival, with connecting shuttles. By train TER connections from Lyon, reductions are applied to the festival.

The Lyrical Arts festival in Aix-en-Provence

The Lyrical Arts festival in Aix-en-Provence takes place over the month of July in the premises of the Archbishop's Palace Theater as well as those of the Grand Théâtre de Provence. Opera and classical music are in the spotlight, even if the direction of the festival always opens more to modern or contemporary works ... However, Mozart remains indeed the key composer in the choice of works staged Don Giovanni was the first success of this festival that dates back to 1948 ... in other words, among the deans! The fact that the festival is held so long is in itself a first for quality. -Thématiques: opera and classical music. -Dates: throughout July. -Entrance, formulas: Tickets can be purchased directly online on the festival website or on site at the Theater of the Archdiocese. The sale begins some time before July, do not waste time to book your tickets. Different subscriptions (three dates, three weekends, etc ...) offer discounts. -program, info: -How to go Aix's TGV Mediterranean and a TER line. By car, 780 km from Paris, 300 km from Lyon, close to Marseille. To stay there, do not hesitate to book your accommodation in advance, in Aix or nearby.

The Avignon Festival

One of the major festivals of its kind in France and in Europe, the Avignon Festival is talked about year after year. modern and classical theater, dance, street art, films, exhibitions, lectures ... this festival has become a benchmark for contemporary performing arts. His creation not new, as there since 1947! In other words, the Avignon Festival has had time to prove itself, without that programming is monotonous: the surprises occur in each edition. Another advantage of the Avignon Festival, the box: events are held in different parts of the inner city (but also extramural), with the highlight the main courtyard of the Palace of the Popes, a place World Heritage by UNESCO! -Thématiques: theater, dance, street arts, contemporary performing arts. -Dates: the first week of July to the end of the month. -Entrance, formulas: prices vary depending on the shows and performances sites. We strongly recommend the book your tickets in advance, on the Festival website or Fnac. -program, info: -How to go: by train, TGV station stop of Avignon. By car, expect some difficulties to park; the festival encourages carpooling. Shuttles connect remote sites of the center.

Les Francofolies de La Rochelle

The major festival of La Rochelle, and among the largest in the country in terms of music, the Francofolies held every summer around mid-July. Programming is wide, artists from different backgrounds and musical styles represented rather varied. The concerts are spread over several sites, including the main stage on the esplanade of Saint John of Acre. Space is limited and snapped quickly, especially for big headliners, please plan your trip ahead and musical Rochelle. However, there is not that great concerts free scene is proposed near the old port, while in the margins of official festivities, festival 'the' off '' knows as much interest: the streets of La Rochelle are always full, bars like the docks host many concerts that often end later ... -Thématiques: music, concerts. -Dates: around mid-July, about five days. -Entrance, formulas: prices vary depending on the scenes. The seats go quickly to the headliners, book in advance, directly to the site of the Francofolies or via partners and resellers. -program, info: -How to go: La Rochelle is served by TGV (3 hours from Paris). In parking, parking available around the city; in times of Franco, difficulties to park. The city is traversed on foot or by bike.

The Old Plow Festival in Brittany

Women's World Cup are starting to show age: the festival's creation dates back to 1992 already! Meanwhile, the Old Plow experienced a growing success to become today the biggest music festival in France (and among the largest in Europe also)! Women's World Cup are held in Carhaix, in the middle of the Finistère countryside. The programming year after year is rather eclectic and covers a wide musical panel; there's a little something for everyone. Major headliners come mark each of the festivals, while the Old Plows not forget emerging scenes with a parallel festival, the Young Plows. -Thématiques: Music and concerts -Dates three days around the middle of July. -Entrance, formulas: pass available for the day or for the entire festival. Reservations online: for headliners, do not wait the last moment! -program, info: -How to go: Carhaix is ​​less than two hours of Rennes, one hour from Lorient or Brest. To get there, the practice remains the car (RN164 Rennes-Châteaulin, we are in the countryside). Link railcar from Guingamp.

The Festival of Lorient Interceltique

Every summer, the Interceltique Festival of Lorient is the favorite place of rendezvous passionate cultures and Celtic music, but also for the curious who want to learn about the subject. The first version of the festival was held in 1971 and since then it has grown in reputation. Britain, Ireland, Wales, Scotland ... all the great representatives of the Celtic world are represented through shows and concerts, songs and traditional dances. Family, a festive atmosphere that everyone will love. -Thématiques: music and Celtic cultures. -Dates: every year, first half of August. -Entrance, formulas: Seat reservations on the festival website or by regular retailers. Many packages that award several shows. -program, info: -How to go: the Inter-Celtic Festival takes place in Lorient, in Brittany. TER discount for departure from a station in Britain. direct TGV links from Paris Montparnasse.

The Navel Festival Pougne Hedgehog, in the Deux-Sèvres

In the unusual category, Navel Festival Pougne Hedgehog ranks first. This small town lost about ten kilometers from Parthenay, Deux-Sevres, nothing to you? Yet it is the Navel of the World, the place from which all the legends of the world! This is what the famous town every summer Pougne Hedgehog festival. The program, storytellers, comedians, street performers and musicians to animate festivities creative and full of surprises. An original festival, which will appeal to young children as the rest of the family ... but beware, the Navel of the World is only held once every two years (2010, 2012, etc ...). -Thématiques: arts and entertainment, stories, dreams. -Dates: biennial festival, usually four days around the middle of August. Other events are held throughout the year. -Entrance, formulas pay but cheap input. Reservations can be made by phone (see website)! -program, info: -How to go: drive from Parthenay, follow the panel Navel of the World. No train dessert Pougne Hedgehog (about 260 inhabitants). Nearest station: Parthenay .

The Annecy Classic Festival

A relatively new festival since the first edition of the Annecy Classic Festival dates only from 2010! Yet it did not take long for this festival to make a name, and even claim a global reach. The theme of the Annecy Classic Festival is clear: classical music. Artists and bands are invited to interpret the works of the greatest composers for ten days at the end of August. Lovers of great symphonic flights, recitals and chamber music will not miss this appointment. A festival whose quality of programming is recognized, and which benefits from the most pleasant of Annecy in full Savoie between charming historic center, the banks of the lake and the surrounding mountains, ideal for soaking up classical music. -Thématiques: classical music concerts. -Dates: second half of August. -Entrance, formulas: a Classic pass allows to attend all concerts, including a cheaper version reserved for students. Otherwise, the price of tickets to the unit varies concerts. possible purchase online, the Office of the festival in Annecy, or the ticket Fnac, Carrefour, etc ... -program, info: -How to go: Annecy is served by a TGV station. By car, 560 km from Paris, 150 km from Lyon. Many hosting solutions in Annecy and the surrounding area.

The Rock en Seine festival in Paris

Rock en Seine was born in 2003 with the idea of ​​bringing a widest possible rock scene. For gold, the festival was a great success and fame has continued to swell, and Rock en Seine has largely grown in stature. The festival takes place every year in late August, the opportunity to mark the end of the summer of significant way. On some days, groups of diverse backgrounds representing rock trends follow each of the four scenes of the festival, held in the park of Saint-Cloud, close to Paris. -Thématiques: rock concerts. -Dates: on some days in late August. -Entrance, formulas day packages or package for the entire festival, giving the right (extra) to a campsite to pitch a tent. Reservations on the festival website or via the usual retailers. -program, info: -How to go: metro, Line 10 (Boulogne-Pont de Saint-Cloud). By tram T2 (Parc de Saint-Cloud). By car, difficulty to park nearby. Several bus lines and Noctiliens (night bus) to / from Paris.

The Festival of Humanity in La Courneuve

Political Meeting for some music festival for others, the Festival of Huma covers various aspects, and that's what makes this event so interesting. The Fête de l'Huma held annually around mid-September, a way as any to say goodbye to the summer while music. For each year of great headliners round off the program of this event which includes concerts, speeches, cultural events, debates, and essential refreshment. Humanity Days is held over three days on the side of La Courneuve in the Paris suburbs, and brings together hundreds of thousands of festival goers. -Thématiques: music, concert, go policy. -Dates: every year around mid-September. -Entrance, formulas: pass valid for the entire weekend affordable given the many concerts. -program, info: -How to go: the Humanity Festival is held at the Georges Valbon Park in La Courneuve. The site is well served from Paris: metro line 7 or T1, station La Courneuve-8 May 1945 then shuttle, with the RER B Le Bourget stop then shuttle. By car, possibility to reserve a parking space, otherwise not easy to park nearby.