Feria in France

Feria in France

Sangria Fiesta, bodegas, many words that remind Spain and not just because it also recalls the south of France during the feria. Indeed, the Southwest and the Southeast, take Spanish tunes for some days of the year. So if you want to attend bullfights and bull races, go south! Here is a taste to get you in the bath!

Nîmes Feria

Nîmes La Feria is the best known of all. It attracts thousands of tourists who come to celebrate bullfighting as it should be: attending bullfighting shows, partying, drinking the famous sangria in bodegas and attend flamenco concerts. It is almost like in Spain. Nimes Feria takes place during the Pentecost weekend, a week after the Cannes Film Festival and just before the Roland Garros tournament. Throughout the weekend until Whit Monday, the town of Nimes was stormed, and everyone lives to the rhythm of the feria. Festivities take place as follows: - The Pégoulade: is the launch of the feria. It takes place on Thursday, just before the Whitsun weekend. The launch is punctuated by parades of tanks in the streets, music and various performances. - Bullfights: stand 2 times during the day: one at 11 and one at 17h. - Parties in the bodegas until dawn. - Live entertainment and music concerts in the city center: Square Square House and Fountain Gardens. - Conduct bulls to the bullring. Besides Pentecost feria, the city of Nîmes also organizes the feria of the grape harvest is held every third Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September. Like its sister, the feria of the grape harvest is punctuated with many events: shows for children, Pégoulade (parades of floats), music concerts, bullfights and of course the famous frenzied evenings in the bodegas. The feria of grape harvest is more intimate than that of Pentecost, it attracts fewer people, ideal for those who do not like crowds. Because you probably will not make abstraction of the bodegas whether at Pentecost bullfights that during the fairs of the grape harvest, here are some good places: - Bodega "The Eleven": 11 Rue Emile Jamais - Tel: June 3 84 45 47 - Pepe Montijo: 13 Rue Bigot - Phone: 06 82 77 26 59 - The Prole: 20 Rue Jean Reboul - Phone: 04 66 21 67 23 - Casa Blanca 9 Street Fresco - Phone: 04 66 21 76 33.

Easter Feria Aries

The Easter Feria in Arles is an event to score big in the agenda of all aficionados at heart. This feast announces the launch of the bullfighting season in France. It is the most awaited event for lovers of bullfights. It takes place every year during the months of April and attracts over 500,000 visitors. Just like its big sister the feria of Nimes, the Arles Easter Feria is punctuated by events and events that are: - Abrivados: the arrival of the bulls, led by guards on horseback. Spectators will have a mission to escape the bulls. - Many bullfighting. - Evenings in bodegas: in which a toast until daybreak and dancing flamenco rhythms. - Parade of bandas (concert music) in the city center of Arles. - Bullfighting: every day two bullfights are held in arenas of Arles. At nightfall, the streets of Arles not desert people, but on the contrary, the city is invaded by night owls, they party until dawn. If you're the type to bed early your habits will be shaken during the Easter Feria. In mid-September, another feria is held in the city of Arles, this is the feria Rice. This event is held for 3 days and takes place in the arena and the city center of Arles. The Rice Feria is more greedy than Easter. Indeed, producers are invading the Republic Square and offer visitors many local products. We speak here of the Camargue Gourmande. During the Feria du Riz, no bulls are kings, horses also have their say. Another event takes place along the feria Rice and Camargue Gourmande, it is the festival of the horse. During this equestrian festival, horse shows are held in the arena of Arles, and meetings with farmers and equestrian centers. These are held at the Place de la Major, which is renamed "horse town" during the 3 days of the feria from 10am to 20pm.

Calendar Fest

If you do not want to miss any bullfighting, here are the dates of major bullfights in France: In the Southeast: - Feria of Ales (Gard): it stands for the Ascension weekend. - Férias of Arles (Bouches-du-Rhône): Arles organizes two ferias each year: the Easter Feria in April and the Feria Rice in mid-September. - Feria de Beaucaire (Gard): also known as Feria Toro, it takes place in late July. - Beziers Feria (Hérault) is held during the Assumption on August 15. - Feria de Carcassonne (Aude): it is called "Carcassonne celebrates the South" and is held in late August. - Feria Céret (Pyrénées-Orientales) on the weekend just before July 14. - Feria Châteaurenard (Bouches-du-Rhône) during the month of July. - Feria de Collioure (Pyrénées-Orientales): each year from 14 to 18 August. - Feria Istres (Bouches-du-Rhône): every year in August. - Feria

de Millas (Pyrénées-Orientales): 4 days during August. - Feria de Nimes (Gard): two bullfights are organized in the city of Nîmes Pentecost Feria during the weekend and on Whit Monday and the grape harvest feria 3rd Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of September. - Feria Palavas-les-Flots (Hérault) called "Feria of the sea" it takes place in early May. - Feria Pézilla-la-Rivière (Pyrénées-Orientales) in July. - Feria de Saint-Gilles (Gard) in June. - Feria Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône): around July 14. In the southwest : - Feria Bezonnes (Aveyron): the penultimate weekend of June. - Feria de Casteljaloux (Lot-et-Garonne) on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the second week of August. - Feria de Bayonne "Fêtes de Bayonne": the end of July - Feria Dax (Landes) on 15 August. - Feria Eauze (Gers): first July weekend. - Feria Floirac (Gironde): feria of the grape harvest in September. - Feria de Mont-de-Marsan: more known under the name Feria de la Madeleine, it takes place in July. - Feria Orthez (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) in July. - Feria Vic Fezensac (Gers) during the Whitsun weekend

Feria Dax

In August the city of Dax is adorned with festive colors: red and white. During 6 days and 5 nights everyone dresses in these colors and the tradition is to wear a red scarf around his neck that does not leave until the end of the feria. The party was officially launched on 15 August, but the preparations begin long before. If you have time go to Dax few days before the feria matter to attend to preparations, a very nice moment that brings everyone. During the feria of Dax are 5 types of organized bullfights on a one bullfight per day. If you are not too Bullfight, you can stay in downtown and watch the street show: penas orchestras and brass bands, folk parades, bullfights, pelota, etc. To each animation that pleases. At nightfall, we do not direct to the hotel to sleep, but the Bodegas to continue the celebration with a drink. No need to clutter with names and addresses, go downtown and you will find a wide selection of bodegas. The sixth and last day of Feria, bandas (orchestra members) meet up to the audience in the arena to give their farewell show: the Agur Jaunak. The show is simply magnificent. If you still have vacation days, stay in Dax and attend the Toros y Salsa festival. A big festival is themed salsa and bullfighting.

Bayonne Feria

or rather Fest Bayonne Fêtes de Bayonne is the largest festival in France. It annually hosts not less than 1.5 million visitors. So you can imagine the magnitude of this celebration and the atmosphere there. If you plan to attend the Fêtes de Bayonne, prepare an all-white outfit and red belt or scarf. Why ? Well, simply because it is the tradition that says it. Normally the Bayonne Feasts begin on the first Wednesday comes after the first weekend of August, but the date was changed because of the strong influence that knows this party. It now starts in late July to early August. For exact dates, check out the following site: www.fetes.bayonne.fr. The Fêtes de Bayonne last 5 days. The first day everyone is faced with the Mayor and wait a personality throws the key to the city from the balcony to announce the start of the festivities. Among the personalities who have had the honor to launch the key was: Jeans-Jacques Goldman and Zazie in 2002, Yannick Noah in 2007, and Jean-Christophe Hondelatte Michel apathy in 2008, to name a few. During the Fêtes de Bayonne one attends many events and shows: bullfights, parades of floats, banda band, racing bulls, toro embolado (a fireworks show), puppet shows, etc. The Fêtes de Bayonne have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and local products, including the famous Bayonne ham that can accompany rosé wine, red wine or a sweet wine.

Bezier Feria

The Feria de Béziers is held during the Assumption is on August 15. It is ranked one of the largest summer festivals in the Languedoc-Roussillon. Every year a million people come to attend the Feria. Imagine one million people in the streets, all dressed in white and red. It is simply magnificent. Like any self-respecting feria, feria de Beziers is hosted by bullfights, tank parades, folk shows, bandas orchestras and music concerts here and there. During 5 days the city of Béziers knows no respite. During the day we see bullfights and street performances, evening everyone makes an appointment in the bodegas where the sangria flows freely. We dance to flamenco rhythms. The streets of downtown are converted into a large box open night, everyone dance, everyone toasts.

been Feria

Who says summer, said festivity. This is especially the case in the south of France. Indeed this time of year is punctuated by numerous ferias embarking several southern cities in a magical atmosphere. This is the case of Nîmes at its Whitsun feria or its feria of grape harvest that takes place in September. The people of Arles expect September looking forward to celebrate the Feria du Riz. The festival welcomes thousands of tourists every year. In Bayonne, summer is also a great moment of joy. It celebrates the Fêtes de Bayonne some call feria of Bayonne. These festivals are held for 5 days, from late July to early August.  We can not not mention the Feria de Beziers, ranked second after the feria of Nimes. It is held on August 15 and lasts 5 days. So if you want to bullfighting takes this summer to you the South of France!

Feria and bull

The bullfight is the heart of any discussion. Some want to ban it and sees it as an act of cruelty to bulls. For others it is a tradition as another. The permit or prohibit, that's another story. Let us look more closely at this tradition to understand it better. It is to know that bullfighting responds to specific steps, a kind of ritual, which are: - Sorteo: draw: to know what the bull will leave the arena. - Apartado: the act of putting the bull in his cell until the beginning of bullfighting. - Paseo parade matadors and picadors. - Peone: this is where the show really begins. We start by poking the bull and then down the matador in the arena with his sticks. - And finally comes the passage in red fabric and killing. If one is not too bullfight, this is not a reason to deprive Feria. One can attend the Camargue races, this is to try to catch a rosette attached to the bull's horns. This show is much more human.

Feria Beaucaire

The town of Beaucaire in the Languedoc-Roussillon region annually hosts a bullfighting festival: Fest Toto. This event is held during the Summertime and holidays Madeleine late July. During the Feria de Beaucaire many bullfights are held in arenas. One can also attend forcados. This is face-face confrontation with the bull, the goal is to stop by the force of arms. The game requires 8 forcados. If you're not satisfied you can string a novillada show (a bullfight that pits a young bull at a young bullfighter). And if you can not stand the fighting with the bulls, entertainment of downtown will please you. You can watch street performances, parades and all cultural events held in the center of Beaucaire.

Tips for Attending a Fair

If you're used to attend bullfights, this causes no problems if by against this is your first time, here are some tips to help you beings: - Attention to alcohol abuse: it is well known for the bullfights, drinking freely. There you will be overstated, be very careful, especially if you plan to drive. Every year incidents are recorded during the feria. Let ferias a time of joy and festivity, do not spoil the fun for a drink too. - Pickpocket: the fairs attract thousands of tourists see (1.5 million visitors during the Fêtes de Bayonne). This big crowd is a boon for pickpockets and thieves on the run, so be very careful. Do not display your valuables. - Violence: many complaints of assault, rape view are recorded each year during bullfights. Stay alert. - Bullfighting: sensitive souls abstain. Sensitive individuals should avoid bullfights, at least those where the bulls are put to death. Prefer the Camargue races, it is much less violent. - Reservation: attend a feria is prepared months in advance, especially if there are going to a feria which attracts many people as the Feria de Nimes or Fêtes de Bayonne. It is essential to book your accommodation well in advance. Latecomers at best have to pay an overly expensive price at worst will not find free places in hotels and hostels. Good show. Olé!