Faktum Hotels: spend the night in the street

Faktum does not offer the kind of traditional hotel services ... in fact, there would be almost enough to rebel at first sight: this Swedish site offers sleeping in the street, in a park, in newspaper ... yes, sleep like a homeless, all for the modest sum of 100 Swedish kronor, slightly more than 11 euros per night . Well then, what is this bad taste scam?

Well, it's the opposite of a scam precisely because it is for Faktum help the homeless of the city of Goteborg, which according to the site are the number of 3400. the idea of ​​Faktum is to offer its customers to experience these places where the homeless of the city strive to spend the night ... and rest assured, the earnings generated are then placed back in favor social actions to help the homeless.

What are these places On the way to the coolest corners of Goteborg:

  • In the groves of Haga Park

  • Molndal Mill, an old abandoned factory

  • Under a bridge on Highway

  • On the docks

  • Under another bridge, but a river this time

  • Etc ...

    A total of 10 charming spots which each receive a tour description on the website Faktum !