Snowboarding or skiing?

Alpine skiing remains the king of sports on the slopes of the ski resorts. This is the most widely practiced winter sport, and one for which most facilities are dedicated. But not since years already hurt snowboarding has become a very attractive business for many lovers of skiing ... as to become Olympic sport itself!

Or, for your next vacation, ski or snowboard?


Finally, a lot depends on your level of skiing. If you are already initiated to downhill slopes, comfortable on your skis, nothing stops you for a pleasant change, trying your hand at snowboarding. However, if you are a beginner, this changes things a bit.

In fact, the fundamentals of skiing are very important to understand the snow and skiing. It is easy to learn skiing gradually, taking courses such as whether you are child or even adult. There is no age limit to learn.

The ski instructors are unanimous on one point: start by learning to ski remains the most logical approach. The ski is more natural in its movements, compared to the snowboard, for the novice taking its first steps on snow.

Once a good foundation acquired the other hand, nothing prevents another test riding style ...


Because yes, if you opt for snowboarding as a beginner, you engage in a more difficult way. Not impossible certainly more difficult as learning to snowboard is harder at first than skiing. Even skiers regularly end up butt in the snow by learning the first movements of snowboarding.

Just like skiing, there are of course lessons with an instructor to learn snowboarding. The big advantage of snow: if the beginnings are difficult, the learning curve is much faster however once mastered the basics !

It is estimated that it takes about 1 week to control his skis, against 5 days for snowboarding. Soon, snowboarding becomes extremely fun: skiing, figures, jumps, new sensations ...

Two complementary sports ...

In the end, there is no choice between snowboarding and skiing: many consider both sports as complementary, simply. For beginners, start with the skiing is more appropriate, but nothing prevents to launch quickly into the snow afterwards. Soon, you can split your stay for winter sports in both ski and snowboard !