Shopping in London a few good ideas

Londres, à quelques heures de la France : shopping, musées et culture, pubs....

London is paradise for lovers of fashion and shopping. Just a shopping weekend to drive you crazy and go around the most beautiful parts of London dedicated to shopping. What charm in London is that each neighborhood has its theme. Among the places to visit, we could not ignore on "Oxford Street". This is one of the busiest streets of the capital. There are no fewer 300 stores including some luxury and major retailers. There is also a store "Topshop" that offers a multitude of small tops, jeans, jewelry and accessories from 5 €. This is the place to buy full business without breaking the bank. Generally Oxford Street is a neighborhood to avoid the weekend but if you are there only for the weekend, throw a glance it really deserves to be seen and then take one of the side streets, they are also very nice as South Molton Street or Berwick Street. You can get there by underground to Oxford Circus station. If you want to watch high-fashion and discover what luxury is more beautiful, you can always go to "New Bond Street." very upscale neighborhood, it's a busy street by celebrities who look chic in London. This street is accessible by subway and the nearest station is "Bond Street".

You can also take a ride on the side of Islington. An equally chic neighborhood known for its famous Hoxton Boutique on Monmouth Street. This shop offers a collection of kitsch jewelry rhinestone and adorning the biggest stars.

If you go to London to discover cheap shops, you did well. You can find the gem. We advise you to go to Shaft, 71 Camden Road or the "Discount Dressing" at 39 Paddington Street.

If you're heading to London for a longer period then made a leap towards Portobello and Camden markets and try to avoid weekends in order to snoop quietly in the second-hand clothes and discover their hidden treasures. It's very similar to our national chips with a twist "British" and more!