Make the boat on the River Shannon, Ireland

How about borrowing a boat from the base of Portumna in Ireland and go with friends for a unique adventure off the Shannon River?

The path will be more or less long , 386 kilometers, between east and west. Do not be afraid, simply well hold the steering wheel and set your speed to 5 km / h to be able to cross the few locks that you will encounter red lights, black minarets of the city.

You can choose between several waterways with only common, originality every time. Different havens of peace and tranquility where you can moor at the different activities that you will have the chance to exercise during your various stops, you'll mainly the freedom to satisfy your cravings as they are colorful. Initially Lough Erne lower north to Lake Ern south, several beautiful scenery available to vousà your boat, trees covering the walls of Magho the green hills of Donegal, to the port of Belleek near the fortified town of Enniskillen, while toasting on board. Do not miss crossing the Royal Canal, this legendary river, closed for more than thirty years, a wonderful feeling will accompany you on the discovery of the beautiful scenery at the edge of its banks. Discover the legendary Parke's Castle in the heart of the coastal town of Leitrim before browsing the artificial lakes Longford, your next stop. Do not resist the temptation to wander through the mansion Belvedere lakeside Ennel the side of Mullingar, then indulge in some souvenir photos in Athlone, at sunset, it's really beautiful. Between competitions dives with friends, horse racing with Shannonites or picnic around a good dish of fresh oysters, a traditional slice of bread on Griffin's Bakery and a delicious piece of cheese Gubbeen, ride your boat off the river Shannon, will have a unique taste!