Exploring the pit Dionne Thunder

The main attraction is its Thunder Dionne pit, pulled a source of Vaucluse whose facilities date back to the 18th century. You will also see the crypt of St. Catherine in St. Peter Street and Gribourdin carnival held for two weeks in February. A Thunder and its surroundings, the rooms are comfortable and well equipped. The average price of a night at the hotel is 80 euros. Among the best places, you have the restaurant Aux Lys Chablis offering cheaper rates. Moreover, the hotel is renowned for the quality of its cuisine, for the cuisine and wines. Ideal for visiting the heart of Thunder, Logis Auberge de Bourgogne provides a convenient location on the road to Dijon for its double rooms with private bathrooms. Among the most frequented hotels Thunder is the Saint Nicolas hotel. This is a charming guest house with three stars, the charming rooms have private bathrooms. On this property based in V├ęzinnes, you will enjoy in addition to Wi-Fi and well-tended garden. The property also has benefits for families.