Boat trip in the creeks of Marseille

Port près de Marseille

Want to discover Marseille in a new light? This is an opportunity to explore his twelve beautiful creeks by boat. After crossing the crosses, you will find yourself at the foot of the first creek, purely gastronomic vocation to a fishing port, prior to mix the archipelago of Riou, married to wildlife. You will continue to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Mounine, the opportunity to discover a unique flora in the heart of an oak forest. Your boat slowly advance towards a new cove, the Sormiou, the privileged place for film shoots, an authentic paradise, despite the simplicity of the houses of the locals. On the same road, you will marvel at the natural beauty of the Morgiou-Sugiton and Fallen Rocks, a place to explore for the more adventurous, a beautiful setting surrounded by a transparent turquoise sea. Your continued discovery, arriving at the foot of the Devenson and Saiguilles Eissadon, the creek or is engraved the name of his first climber. If you are a dive professional, you can put your combination and browse the depths and explore extraordinary seabed, before heading to Oule, this majestic rocky together, taking the form of a cathedral, fruit nature. A strong feeling you will at its contemplation, the force of nature make you dumb! Your appointment with the Marseille splendor continues, this time in En-Vau, a creek of legendary beauty, a real postcard, a place conducive to observation, contemplation and wonder in absolute calm. Know that this cove is not inhabited, we did find that the only remaining from around the world to discover this global treasure. Between Port-Pin, Port-Miou and the bay of Cassis, you will have a unique chance to experience Marseille ... otherwise.