Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris (Eurodisney), it is the dream of all children & hellip; and adults. A magical universe that takes you back to childhood, which eradicates you flatness and gray of your days to eject you in a pink flowery spacetime. Discover what awaits you in this complete file to organize your stay and make your days a series of Disney movies!

Hourly (holidays ...)

Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios are open throughout the year, to the delight of her young dreamers. Residents who receive annual package are entitled to more magic in the legendary studios or in the famous theme park. Schedules are posted on the official website. They regularly change based on events and holidays, so it's better to follow the schedule directly on the website.

Rates & Promotions

The prices depend on several factors, including: & bull; the purchase date is to consider: if you do it in advance your ticket will be noticeably cheaper. A period of 10 days is strongly recommended to buy his ticket before the tour date (that's the ticket "earlier"). With a period of less than 5 days, you pay a full fare ticket, it's like you want. & Bull; visit date is important: it is better to buy Francilien ticket on weekdays and outside the school holidays (some of them). & Bull; One or two parks? the ticket of one park is cheaper than the ticket of 2 parks (during the day). Simple logic. Here is an idea on the rates: - For a ticket Earlier Than (only one park): the cheaper tickets. You will have to choose between Disneyland or Walt Disney Studios. Ticket valid for 7 days, which costs just under € 50. - For tickets Earlier Than (2 parks): the price is more attractive because it allows you to visit both parks without having to choose. You can enjoy a discount (up to 15 euros per person). This ticket costs just over 50 euros. - For a child entry (only 1 park): the child ticket (from 3 to 11 years) costs about 50 euros, while admission is free for children under 3 years. - For a child entry (2 parks) rates are obviously reduced for & lsquo; 3 to 11 years. It costs 60 euros in. - For an adult ticket (only 1 park) in costs 60 euros. - For an adult ticket (2 parks) in costs 70 euros, and you have a period of one year to get the time of day. ? For annual subscriptions: - Annual Passport Fantasy costs around 180 euros, it gives you the right to daily visit the two Disney parks, however, thirty dates are not included in the annual subscription. Guests have a number of benefits (parking is free, you are entitled to discounts at restaurants ...) - The Annual Passport Dream is the subscription that differs from the full inclusion of 365 days of the year, no restrictions with respect to dates and offers many more privileges. It costs about 200 euros. And then to know and check the rates as the days and events, we recommend you visit the official website of Disneyland Paris, or Disney sites in the country of your choice, you will find the information you want. You will also find interesting information on other travel sites.


There are a number of hotels where you can spend magic and magical moments with your children to ensure them a dream holiday! Here's a list of hotels - Hotel Explorers is close to the amusement park Disneyland Paris, and offers countless services with a wide selection of family rooms, free parking, an indoor pool, a space games for children, restaurants and bars. - Tulip Inn Marne La Vallee is located less than an hour from the center of Paris, this hotel allows you to have direct access to the park. Advantage: children under two years receive a free stay (accompanied by two paying adults.) - Hotel Kyriad Disneyland Paris: is characterized by the refined decoration of its rooms and free breakfast. You will also find a Disney Store and carousel, your children may love it! - Hotel L'Elysée Val d'Europe Disneyland Resort Paris: its beautiful Parisian building, it stands out for its Sealife aquarium. You can not get bored between his restaurant and bar, play areas and all areas! - Hotel Mister Bed City Torcy RER is there to serve you, as it is 5 minutes and it is supposed to take you directly to downtown Paris. It is a rather cheap, it also welcomes your pets, like what, even your doggies are entitled to Disney mouse, Mickey!


You find that a visit to Disneyland is more expensive? We therefore propose to discover some tips for earning discounts to save on your short stay. The magic comes at a price, we are willing, but not in & lsquo; plumage 'either! - First, know choose your arrival date, it is a criterion not to be taken lightly. Do not hesitate to rely on the comparison websites that exist on the net. - are smeared to be informed of promotions! So join newsletters, management will send you information mails that nothing escapes you. Very interesting reductions are expected. - you are interested in half board, you'll save. - you

can make 30% savings, while staying in cheaper hotels, near the Disney parks. Just take a look at the prices of the various surrounding hotels and make your choice. ? For a cheap ticket: - book a ticket More Early: the formula is that you book 10 days before arrival. Good deal, economical and available all year. - watch for Flash offers, thanks to releases that you receive in your newsletter. So finally, you are more attentive to the deals and less Disney trip is expensive!


It is rather easy to get to the park: various means of transport are taken into consideration to help you get there the easiest way, the way that suits you the most. Take your time, the coach will not turn into pumpkin Highness! - by plane: a fast connection is available: about an hour from Disneyland Paris, provided by the VEA shuttle service. - by train: direct connection to the heart of the park, station Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy, very convenient. - by car: the A4, the "Francilienne" are available to your steering wheel, just follow the signs. - by public transport: using the RER (Marne-La-Vallée Val d'Europe) and bus (bus Cityrama to access the Resort from central Paris and night bus) - Disneyland Paris Express: specialized transport from Paris . And you can choose your formula include a shuttle daily from 4 different stops right in Paris (Gare du Nord, Opera, Madeleine and Châtelet) .

Disneyland Paris

This dream industry was born April 12, 1992, in Marne-la-Vallée. On its 600 hectares, Disneyland Paris was born. Near airports, train stations and roads, the place has been carefully designed to facilitate the transport of dream thirsty from all over Europe. This great park for little princes and princesses, is considered to be the top tourist destination in Europe, was entitled to more than 300 million visitors. This is the park that provides more than 50,000 jobs, which is definitely not nothing. And more attractions are diversifying and more visitors and jobs are increasing. The creativity of the artistic directors of the box has no limits, because every year children are entitled to as magical new one than the other. In addition, many new cartoon characters do not stop returning to the ship, like the heroes of Toy Story (Buzz Lightyear havoc!), The Princess and the Frog, and the beautiful Rapunzel the soft hair Golden. The blinds parks offer children (and the wallets of their parents) the opportunity to offer different suits and dresses the characters encountered in the winding alleys of the park, so you might experience the enthusiastic cries of your children front windows & lsquo; enchantresques' shops and their attractive colorful products & hellip;


The best known attractions and publicized this legendary park are numerous, but it is certainly of those that cause the most beautiful emotions and more excitement, according aspirations. With this multitude of attractions and activities, you switch from the tender dreams universe than exciting saisissements in a snap, just like magic! For attractions, you'll get: 'it's a small world', the legendary & lsquo; Space Mountain ': Mission 2, the mythical & lsquo; Big Thunder Mountain', the famous & lsquo; Pirates of the Caribbean ', and friendly & lsquo ; Buzz Light Laser Blast. For animations, you will: Meetings with various Disney characters within the park where you walk & hellip; lend the eye and mind you, they are everywhere: Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh and Pluto, Snow White, Peter Pan & hellip; they are all there! Say hello to them, embrace them, take their picture, they are a very good company, you might actually enjoy more & hellip;


For reservations, simply visit the Disneyland site, you'll find everything from individual reservations service (online) and group booking services (also online). So, whether you are alone or accompanied, you will find shoes to fill, yes a little like Cinderella yes!

Large Family

You have more than 3 children, and you have trouble taking them stay in a Disney hotel? Concerns costs? You do not know what to do ? We illuminate on some rates especially designed for families: First of all, you aves entitled to 14% savings, for ticket a day to a single park and a day for two parks: Monday Friday you get a ticket-adult one day / one park that costs around 45 euros. Against a ticket-child (3 to 11) around 40 euros. And for the two parks, ticket-adult is 60 euros against a child ticket (from 3 to 11 years) 50 euro area. Ps: you can use your family card supplied by SNCF or the family book for you to receive these benefits in a clear and simple way .


A lot of forums exist on the web, where you will find the opinions of people who have the & lsquo; Disney experience ', some are happy, some are disappointed (either from the hotel or animation or services, or the ambience & hellip;), so a tip: go ahead and make your own mind! Because ultimately it really depends on what you expect from your budget, what you ask to see and be & hellip; but in the meantime, we suggest you consult some forums to get an idea of ​​what awaits you. You will see that opinions are mixed, so make the right choice.

Highlights in the year

It is sensible to ask about the highlights of the year in terms of Disney visits, it is in this perspective that we made a research to help you organize your stay according to days busy.

Major Attractions

The most popular attractions at Disneyland Park are: & bull; The legendary Big Thunder Mountain (Frontierland) & bull; The famous Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (Adventureland) & bull; The famous Peter Pan's Flight (Fantasyland) & bull; The dizzying Star Tours (Discoveryland) & bull; The cult classic Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Discoveryland) & bull; And the friendly Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (Discoveryland) As for the Walt Disney Studios park offers no less known attractions such as: & bull; Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith (Backlot) & bull; The shivering Twilight Zone Tower of Terror & trade; - A jump in the Fourth Dimension (Production Courtyard) & bull; And the magical Flying Carpets - Flying Carpets Over Agrabah (Toon Studio) fastpass The system can facilitate access to these attractions, saving you time. Ask for more information at the counters or in the official website of the Park. So to you to choose what suits you!

Tips to enjoy the park

A number of tricks is available, generally free benefits you need to know to enjoy the park service at best! Such as: - parking: between 10am and 11am, you may be delayed because of the queue at the entrance. Better at around 9am. Timetable valid also for the machines, which begin to suffer from long queues from 10am, so best avoided. Remember to contact the branches of Walt Disney Studios Park, because for the same services you will find less traffic. Otherwise, choose purchasing tickets online is much more convenient and you can benefit from discounted rates! Go to the official site for more information. - the issue of closing Parks: some shows and shows have closures schedules that are scheduled after regular hours. To get there, it is better to be inside the park before the time of closing of windows. These schedules are available on the website or directly in the windows. - to restore, better book seats in advance if you want to enjoy the delicious menus with big ears! You can enjoy more magic, and together around a good dinner even if you came for the day. You also have hotel bars, we say we can taste good little cocktail & hellip; and then, if you speed and you are rather trendy fast food you will find what you are looking around, it just enough for you to avoid & lsquo; peak hours (from 12h to 14h)

When to go?

It is better to go for the hard times and peak periods. More the merrier and merrier, as it were the other & hellip; So Enjoy!