Why not spend the weekend in Lisbon?

It is not enough that weekend to tour the city of Lisbon but it's not bad! for it will be organized and plan a route to avoid losing time through the town 36,000 times!

Between its historic center, its beautiful beaches and downtown animated, it will do everything! Lisbon is a city that has a very rich history, it would be a shame to come here without the museum tower. So spend a day on their visits. In the program the National Tile Museum, the National Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of the Gulbenkian Foundation. To avoid a cultural overdose, you can punctuate your artistic journey with a little shopping session. See you then in Baixa, which is none other than the living body of Lisbon. And plan to spend the sunset on the pond of April 25, the view is breathtaking.

For your first evening, discover the cuisine in one of Bairro restaurants. After a restful sleep one of the hotels of the city, its second day can be spent exploring the typical neighborhoods of the city, for it crossed a ferry Tagus is a good beginning. Next, we will visit the historic center of the city to discover the old Lisbon exudes a glorious past. A stop off at the lookout Danta Luzia to see this panorama and the Lisbon Cathedral and the Sao Jorge Castle. Crossing small foot lanes, you'll feel pass the corridors of time to find yourself in centuries past. It will go to the Feira da Ladra flea market of Lisbon. You are about to finding very original pieces. After a good breakfast, you can spend the afternoon to visit the Oceanarium, the largest aquarium in Europe.

Finally, if you're there for a long 3-day weekend, spend your morning at the beach. Even if time is not given for swimming, you can pretty much walk is very pleasant. If you still want to walk, you can visit the latter Belem day to discover the Monastery of Jeronimos and the National Museum of Carosses.