are major shopping centers and shopping areas in Lyon


Lyon is a city of European scale. Major axis of passage, great capital of gastronomy, it attracts to it many tourists. They come from another are doing their shopping in the large shopping centers of the city. A brief overview of the essential places to do business.


At the confluence of the Saone and the Rhone is one of the liveliest areas of the city thanks in part to this upscale shopping center where there are many shops for fashion and decoration. There is also a children's area and a cinema.

silk Square Shopping Center

Away from the city, the Square mall silk offer a very pleasant to stroll in its main path and discover the many shops. Fashion, decoration, works and cultural certainly catch your eye while there is also a time to entertain the cinema or the nearby racecourse.

Shopping Center Part Dieu

Hard not to find something to Part Dieu which is nothing less than the largest shopping center in Europe with 110 & sup2 ;, 000m its 240 shops and 17 cinemas.


This commercial space is in direct response to business against the Part-Dieu. There are mainly trendy fashion boutiques and major retailers like New Look.

Ecully Grand Ouest

Located in the northwest of the city, close to the A6 motorway, this shopping center caters for all inhabitants of this part of the Lyon area with 80 shops.