Yacht on the Orinoco River

How about an escape off the Orinoco River from the Parima mountains in southern Venezuela to the Atlantic through Delta, northeast of the country, near a luxury yacht?

A unique experience of its kind in the heart of one of the largest rivers in the world, the third after the Amazon and Congo. The extreme sensations will be waiting for you since your first stop in Tobago south of caraîbes before crossing the gates of heaven for your second stop in El Toro. In this site you will have the chance to contemplate the El Pozo Junco, the Serra de El Toro, the Source of the river Palancia and El Palancar while enjoying delicious mona Pasqua, tasty arròs del pastor and succulent Pingano with its nice creme brulee. Afterwards, take a beautiful tropical zodiac to walk the pine forests, home to more than 400 breeds of frogs under the melodious songs of a thousand species of birds flying over a green paradise of more than 30,000 tropical plants! A landscape of the most picturesque, stunning views in the heart of the adventure river, extreme happiness after attempting a panoramic view of the river in a helicopter towards the Angel Falls, the highest in the world an altitude of 979 meters, in the hollow of Canaima park. You will be amazed by the color of its water, an intense red shade of countless minerals plunged into its depths, and the pinkish hue of its quartz mixed soft sand. At the heart of this beautiful lagoon, quietly lie the mountains as a table or Tepuys like El Nonoy-Tepuy or Zamuro the Kuravaina-Tepuy or Venado and Topochi-Tepuy or Cerbatana and the gigantic pseudo-karst natural cavities. Your cruise off the Orinoco River will be a real adventure, then go for it!