Dubrovnik: the must see places


Croatia became for some time, a popular destination for tourists. Among the cities that attract the most crowds, there Dubrovnik. Known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", it conceals an inconceivable beauty. We must go there to see for himself. If you want to discover this beautiful city, know that it will book a few days to visit the whole city. A weekend can be interesting but you will thirst to return to discover all there. There are must-see places in Dubrovnik as the discovery of its historical and architectural heritage. It should not still forget that this city is a World heritage site by UNESCO. Nothing difficult to discover all its treasures. Just go to the city. You will be greeted by huge walls, which hide all the treasure of the past. Here you can see a Baroque dominance in the construction style even if the Pile Gate through which we advise you to start the tour harmoniously combines Gothic and Renaissance. Now that you are in the historic center, take the square, which is simply one of the most famous streets in the city. As you walk along it, you will discover the most beautiful monuments. Mark whenever stop to visit. You can see the synagogue, for example, this amazing monument was built in the fourteenth century. You can also visit the Saint Blaise Church located at the Piazza della Loggia. Its architecture dating back to 1715 reveals a baroque style. Also nearby, the Dominican Convent is to discover. You can contemplate the paintings, most of us come from the fifteenth century. There are also beautiful museums to discover like the Museum of History of Dubrovnik that will teach you all about the history of this fascinating city. The Ethnographic Museum also appeal to history buffs. The Art Gallery of Dubrovnik also deserves a short passage. She exhibits works of Croatian artists. In general, but it is most often in the summer, there are also temporary exhibitions.