Dublin: the best places to discover

In Dublin we like to party and wiggle. We often think that this great city in Europe is definitely oriented towards the future. You will be surprised during your stay by the architectural beauty of this city. Dublin is a concentrate of history to savor without moderation. First his castle, a must in the capital, it will be essential to find out. Built in the 13th century, there still can be seen the remains of the past. He knew several designed from prison, stronghold, or in cash. We are also organizing presidential receptions. But if we were to recommend a place in Dublin, it is these dozens and dozens of pubs. You really have to see this! it is printing this youth who plays as if time did not count. It is also pleasant to stroll in the city. The houses are very nice, they are built in a Georgian style and hide very pretty colored doors.

In Dublin, nature has its place and it recognizes the number of its parks. The green prevails and the sea breeze seems to take us to the heart. It is true that Dublin is above all a great commercial port we advise you to discover, it is surprising to see its construction and its immensity.

Art lovers actually have their place Dublin, between art galleries and theater nights, you'll be spoiled for choice. But these are the museums that mark the most in Dublin, this way has this city to take care of its cultural and historical heritage. You can admire several collections. You could for example visit the Guinness Museum Dublin is simply the most famous Irish beer brand. Imagine that the company has transformed some of its old warehouse into a museum. There is also the National Museum of Dublin that is worth visiting. Indeed, it offers a prestigious collection of prehistoric gold artefacts in Europe. Everything is luxury in this museum where you can also discover Celtic art silverware Middle Ages. And to mark time between two museums, book you a break from shopping, head to the Grafton Street and St Stephen's Green Center you'll love it!