Sleeping in Fontainebleau hotels


If you are in Fontainebleau, you can easily find hotels. At the heart of the city, 3-star hotel establishments, will welcome you. Namely, the Black Eagle Hotel opposite the castle, the Napoleon hotel with a price of around 95 euros and from where you can enjoy a nice view of the forest. The Mercure Royal is ideal for business or leisure visits with cozy rooms and a baby sitting service. Among the 2 star hotels, the Hotel Ibis Fontainebleau, Logis Victoria. This hotel is located in a quiet, comfortable 2 steps of the castle and park. But if you do not like hotels, guest rooms are available. There among other Lady Jeanne Avon, Old Pontic Warrior Princess. Hikers and climbers will have complete satisfaction in Fontainebleau. Do not forget to visit the Museum Napoleon Bonaparte, the Ch√Ęteau de Fontainebleau.