Moving to Paris: A Practical Guide


You must make your move to Paris and you do not know how to select a good mover ?

It is first better to choose a professional mover who have obtained certification. This ensures the company's serious. It is then recommended that three quotes request in order to compare prices and give you an idea of ​​market prices.
Make sure that the quote that you sent is complete and includes all the features of your relocation project. (Type of furniture, floors, stairs lifts, furniture mounts, date, etc ...)
Wondering may or find moving boxes? Most professionals can sell moving boxes, remember to buy big sticker to close your boxes.
For packaging fragile, use newspaper to wrap objects and block them in the boxes. In order to avoid any degradation of your household appliances, be sure to block the mechanisms that can move during transport , remember to empty the refrigerator and defrost the freezer.
moving day, be prepared, if necessary, consider alerting the town hall of your district to reserve a place for the truck.
It is also advisable to have packed in advance all your boxes so as not to lose time mover
Keep on your papers and important objects. the keys to your home, your important papers, your valuables, so be sure to keep a need to clean the housing once the final move.

The removal of the formalities

The formalities and papers you have to sign when moving
-The quote
The estimate is a document prepared by the mover in duplicate. It has legal value once signed and you contractually committed with the mover.
It is advised to request removal quotes from several movers.
Once you have chosen the most advantageous quote, it only remains to return the signed you, accompanied by a deposit check representing typically 30% of the move.
Do not forget to join the insured value
The final bill must conform to specifications, optionally with addition of additional services
It must include the following:..

  • Company Name
  • Business address
  • The Company's identification number.
  • The client name
  • The nature of the services
  • The lump sums to pay.
  • The dates and addresses of intervention
  • The validity of the quote
  • The price revision clause
  • The general conditions of removal

    They clarify the responsibilities and commitments of each party.
    -The value statement
    It is she who will be the basis in case of compensation following the damage or theft.
    Specify the total asset value and the individual value of the objects that exceed the limit of liability by contractual object specified on the quote.
    -The consignment note
    The consignment note shall report all stages of the move, it is a means for the mover to prove that he is authorized to carry . your assets but also he does not work illegally
    it is signed twice:
    -at loading to give permission to the movers of moving
    -to the end of the move to stop the removal contract.
    -The guarantees removal
    the moving companies offer insurance coverage for the entire furniture. The types of insurance vary between companies, find out the precise conditions to avoid being caught unprepared in case of incident.
    You can also talk to your insurer because some home insurance can cover the move.

    How to move cheap?

    -It is first recommended to relocate outside school holidays and weekends, because it is during these periods that are most moving.
    -Second, you take it to the advance to confirm your removal as a last minute move will cost more.
    -Optez for a removal in economic formula, ie that you will participate in moving on simple tasks that will save time for movers .
    -Déménagez alone. It is also possible to move yourself or with the help of friends your apartment, students do with the car of a friend and young adults with rental utility, unlike many people who settled in Paging the trailer mover.

    Movers Paris

    Some movers addresses in Paris:
    -Déménagement H. Gauvin
    7 rue Vulpian 75013 Paris
    Tel. :
    -Déménagements TAD
    2 Passage Flourens 75017 PARIS
    Tel. :
    -Transportation and move Altradem Paris
    114 Rue Nollet - 75017 PARIS
    Tel. : 0142262727
    -Tradem: Moving furniture guard
    11 rue Marboeuf - 75008 Paris
    Tel. : 0623380415
    -Déménagements Faccini
    33 avenue de Verdun 93230 Romainville
    Tel. : 01 57 42 28 70
    -DEMESTAR move
    125 Boulevard diderot 75012 Paris
    Tel. : 01 48 34 04 81
    -Decaux Moving
    8 rue Lemercier, 75017 PARIS
    Tel. : 01 48 21 90 58

    Help with Moving - Solidarity Housing Fund

    Moving costs money: deposit, rent, charges estate agency, moving, or else of furniture ....
    Under certain conditions, the Solidarity Housing Fund can offer financial support for your moving. To receive this benefit, please make an appointment with the head of your district service.