Discover London during the Olympic Games


The London Olympics 2012

From 27 July to 12 August 2012. London will host for the third time the Olympic Games, the previous editions that took place in 1908 and 1948 ... at the time, we did not surrender to London on a whim for a weekend, but times have changed. Now the British capital can be reached in no time from Paris as for many other French cities, by car, train, plane, or boat ...

The Olympic Games are a global event held every 4 years, around the globe: in other words, it is not every year that we have the opportunity to attend the most prestigious sporting events in the world! So, for many, was to come will be now or never to know the atmosphere of the Olympics, and are certain that London will live in a very special effervescence during the two weeks of competition!

Is this really a good idea to go to London for the Olympics?

It depends on the perspective of course ... for sports enthusiasts, there is no doubt about the matter. For the curious from all sides, the proposal is very tempting. But for those allergic to sports, who run as fast as possible along a line makes no sense, a visit to London may well expect a quiet any relative return on the capital to organize their next visit. Because there will '' be sport '' in London, the Olympics drain visitors from around the world, hotels are full, planes are blackout, prices rise, in short, do not expect too disembark at the last moment heart in mouth, or face the Olympics rather than living them!
London Paralympic Games

In conjunction with the London Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games allow athletes with disabilities to participate themselves also to the most prestigious international competitions, competing for the famous medal gold. The Paralympic Games will not make as much noise as the Olympics, but the event, major, brings still more than 4,000 participants and 150 countries! The Paralympic Games are also always more followers, year after year, as the performances by disabled athletes can be breathtaking!
The competition begins with an opening ceremony August 29, 2012 (ie a little more than two weeks after the Olympics), and ends with a closing ceremony on 9 September. No less than 20 sports are now represented in the Paralympic Games, with numerous events on the program.
The event takes place in the same venues as the Olympics around the Olympic Park in London and side Weysmouth and Portland in terms of sailing events.
The London Festival 2012

Apparently, the organizers and the City of London thought everyone this summer 2012. In addition to the major events of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, a huge festival will be held in the English capital June 21 to September 9! It is simply the biggest festival ever held in the UK ...
The program, in addition to being well supplied, is extremely varied: artistic performances, carnival and street performances, theater, dance and comedy, film, culture, books, food, fashion, entertainment for children, and of course, music and concerts. Impossible to detail here, the program is too loaded, talking about millions of different-sized events!
Many events related to the London Film Festival will simply free, brightening the way your visit to the city, others are paying and accessible with a ticket: do not wait until the last moment to take your seats on the site of the Festival of London (
How to get to London for the Olympics?

If you have not booked your tickets, so it is time to look into the question the other spectators have not waited for you! To you to explore different ways to win London and the one that suits you best:
- plane : book your flight as soon as possible ... during the period of the Olympics, even low cost airlines are not so low cost that much. However, you can find roundtrips-cost from large companies such as Air France and British Airways. Feel free to use comparators flights and play dates to dig up the most interesting posts
- Train . With the Eurostar company, from the Gare du Nord in Paris, you disembark directly into St Pancras station, well located in London. Journey time: 2:15. Please note, the cheapest seats sell like hotcakes ... in the end, prices are approaching a return flight
- bus . With Eurolines, many French cities are connected in London, including Lille, Paris, Agen, Bordeaux, etc ... you land in Victoria Coach station in the center of the capital. Certainly, the travel time is longer than with the plane or the train (about 7-hour drive), and comfort is not the same, but prices themselves are also lower. Do not overlook so
- Car : London by car? Strongly recommended ...
Moving to London during the Olympics Fortunately, London has a good network of public transport, and it is likely to be highly stressed during the period of the Olympic Games. London is a very large city, it is impossible to move around only on foot; Moreover, the Olympic venues are not located in one place, far from it. If you opt for taxis, so your savings are likely to take a hit. Similarly, metro or London buses are far from free, so better plan his move before leaving
-As for any visit to London at any time, it is strongly advised to get the Oyster card (map 'oyster' '), the card virtually essential not see any rush his London budget in transport ... the Oyster card is valid for all London transport, metro buses, suburban trains. It is possible to obtain it in advance and online at www.visitbritainshop. com . Practical, you are ready when you arrive. You load the card with a certain amount, the count is done according to your journeys. The remaining credit will be valid for your next stay in London.
-For holders of a ticket for any sports event of the Olympics, you will receive a Games Travelcard: this transport card will move across the London network, limitless and free, all day where stands the sporting event you attend. If you have booked a competition day, you are alone!
-There will be the world London transport, so take off all your trips.
-On the site of the Olympic Games in London, you can calculate your route and select your mode of transportation to move around London and join the different sites that host sporting events.
to sleep during the London Olympics?

Basically, the London hotel has not a more glorious reputation than that, and the value regarding accommodation is not a sinecure, then Olympics period, when demand is at its peak, do not expect miracles.

-As always, hostels (hostels) are the most economical solutions to stay in London. The capital account of a good package, but the dorm beds are also in demand because they are cheaper ... a tip, book as soon as possible. Do not be surprised to pay forty euros per night for 10 people share a dorm!

-In regards hotels, prices will be even higher. The solution: a good budget provision and not wait the last minute to book. Also, feel free to expand your research to the outlying districts of the capital.

-Of holiday apartments and B & B are available in London. During the Olympics, there are chances that all do the full, but share an apartment with several can be profitable when comparing the prices of hotels!

-Remember couchsurfing that can stay on the couch of his host ... London community is well developed, but it is a safe bet that it will also be in high demand in Games approach!
Get tickets for the Olympic Games

The tickets for sale for attending sporting events and the opening and closing ceremonies began May 21, 2012 at 11 am for the Paralympic Games and May 23 at 11 am for games Olympic ... much to say right now, the tickets did not have trouble finding takers, but around the end of June 2012, some subjects have not yet exhausted all their seats. It is not too late, especially as many tickets should return to the market for resale ...

The main ticket provider is the official website of the London Olympics, via its sales portal . It is necessary to open an account before you can search for tickets still available. Payment is exclusively by Visa (one of the big sponsors ...).

As might be expected, the ticket resale will become a successful market, especially in the weeks leading up to the Olympics. FYI, an official ticket resale service will be offered by the London2012 website. Many other sites also offer the sale of tickets to attend the trials of OJ. Beware of scams, which may well be present at every mouse click. Some sites are officially recognized, others are not.

To find out, visit Ticket Checker ) London2012 website: you enter the uRL of the site to see if there is a formal or dealer. Both say, failure occurs most often! Then it's your choice, but again, careful not to be fooled ...