Discover the Top 10 Attractions in Tallinn!


Tallinn, Estonia If you are looking for the best of the best attractions in Tallinn, this Top 10 is for you!

Top 10 is based on the most visited sites by the owners of Tallinn Card. They are therefore an excellent base for exploring this city.

1. Kiek in de Kok

The name of this tower of 38 meters means a look in the kitchen: the tower was so high that the soldiers had a view on the chimneys of nearby houses

Today, the largest Tallinn defense tower houses the Museum of the defenses of Tallinn. This museum is a must for lovers of walls, towers and guns.

2. Tallinn City Tour

two-story red buses connect the main sites of the city. You can get anywhere you want, take a tour and ride later another bus. There are 3 different circuits. Blue line takes you to the historic heart of Tallinn to Rocca al Mare (Estonian Open Air Museum restoring rural life of the nineteenth century), then Seaplane Harbor (Maritime Museum)

Green Line takes you from the center of Tallinn Pirita that turns into leisure center during the summer. Some stops are especially made to Kadriorg Park, the Botanical Garden and the TV Tower. Finally, the red line focuses on the historical center of Tallinn with stops at the Museum of Fine Arts in Kumu and Kadriorg and the port.

3. Kadriorg Palace Art Museum

In the center of Kadriorg (Catherine equivalent in French), stands the magnificent northern Baroque palace built by Peter the Great as a summer residence in 1718. The garden at the rear gives an idea of ​​the imperial grandeur, but do not forget to enter the palace, which now houses the foreign section of the Museum of Fine arts of Estonia.

4. Nicolas Church

Saints, dancing skeletons and silver are, with organ concerts, the main attractions of this building of the thirteenth century. Destroyed by bombing during World War II, the church was rebuilt with great difficulty in the 1980s It is now a Museum of Sacred Art, renowned especially for the beautiful but sinister Danse Macabre Bernt Notke.

5. Church of St. Olav

From 1549 to 1625, the Gothic church of the XIII century was the tallest building in the world. Its bell tower then measured 159 meters and was to be an impressive sight. It was also, alas, an excellent lightning rod, and fires have devastated the church in 1625 and in 1820. With its 124 meters, the current spire still dominates the old city and subject to the brave who climb in the spring and in summer, an extraordinary panorama.

6. Estonian Open Air Museum

This museum takes you back in time to meet the rural Estonia of old. The large park is dotted with farms of XVIII-XX centuries with thatched roofs, windmills, a chapel, a village school, while employees reenact life of ancient times. There is a craft shop and an inn serving traditional dishes.

7. Estonian History Museum Great Guild House

This museum presents the history of Estonia from prehistory to the late twentieth century. Films and interactive animations show how people once lived and worked. The Museum is located in the remains of the Great Guild, an imposing building of the fifteenth century, witness of the past of the city.

8. Museum of Fine Arts Kumu

This new building wedged into a limestone hill is the largest Museum of Estonian Art. It is dedicated to Estonian art, in two blocks: the eighteenth century to the Second World War, and the Soviet period (1940-1991). The recent works are the subject of temporary exhibitions.

9. Estonian Maritime Museum

The collection includes the submarine Lembit (1936) British-built, and the largest icebreaker Steam Europe, Suur Toll (1914).

10. The Church of the Holy Spirit

Near the Place of the City Hall is a white church with an octagonal tower. It is the church of the Holy Spirit, built in the fourteenth century, as remarkable inside and out. The painted clock on its facade is the oldest of the city. Admire also inside carved and painted altarpiece in the fifteenth century by Bernt Notke.

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For more information on Estonia, you can consult the website of the Estonian Tourist Board: www.visitestonia .com