Discover the Mont-de-Marsan and its rich culture

In the commune of Mont-de-Marsan inhabited since prehistoric times, the culurel heritage is quite impressive. You will see and the city walls which dates back to the 12th

Century, the Madeleine church, a historic monument from the 19th century, the Museum Despiau Wlérick rather dedicated to the arts. The reception capacity of Mont-de-Marsan are established around the city. Around Mont-de-Marsan, hotels are comfortable enough. The price of a night in the town of Mont-de-Marsan is worth at least 40 euros but hotels have average tariffs that are worth about 60 euros. On Avenue du Maréchal Juin installed the Campanile, one of the most budget hotels in the city. It is ideal for a two-star call at its double and triple rooms. Campanile has an interesting location on the edge of the Landes forest. In search of prestige, staying at Hotel Hervé Garrapit Armagnac Avenue. You'll love the pretty rooms four stars that are available there. Enjoy plus a beautiful outdoor pool. For a selection of much larger hotels, travelers also go to hotels located in Brocas Roquefort or Cazères-sur-Ardor.