Discovery of the Mercantour resorts

Everyone knows the French Riviera as a tourist destination for its white sand beaches and turquoise blue sea, not to mention his evenings Jet7 rhinestones and sequins. While the region is much richer than that, in fact, the French Riviera is not famous for its ski resorts and yet; 1:15 Nice powder to offer is there and waiting. In 3:30 from Paris (1h15 by plane Paris-Nice / 1h30 by car or bus from the station or the airport) we are on the slopes, this is the top for change ideas. The ski area covers 15 resorts including 3 classified SKI France, a label that certifies snow and clean atmosphere to French ski resorts. With its 660 km of pistes and sunshine which rises to 300 days a year we know that we are on the French Riviera. Isola 2000 Lighthouse place in the region was elected the snowiest resort in France in 2007 and 2008, contributing to the development of skiers. 600 000m3 of hill retainer (manufacturing biological snow) make a stronghold of French skiing and 465 peaks over 2000m contribute greatly to the development of winter tourism is expected can not be on the Coast Azur.

French Riviera as a destination for winter sports amazes and surprises a lot of tourists and yet the Mercantour National Park attracts more than 500,000 visitors a year as what it's worth seeing. A unique and fragile space offers hikers looking for large spaces with essential places like the gorges Cians or Lake Allos. Fauna and flora overflowing wealth due to its unique position, where various climatic, geological and altitudinal influences make it a magical place and resourceful. As beautiful in summer and winter it is a place that has managed to keep a clean atmosphere of any planning, it is even possible with the chance to spot a wolf round a hiking trail.