Discover Saint Etienne de Tinée

Saint Etienne de Tinée is a small village nestled in the mountains 100km from Nice in the Tinée valley, it was left to the former Savoy states, then reattach to the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. little-known ski resort in the region and tourists directly related to Auron with a chairlift, it is ideal to be quiet and to save money because the prices are ridiculously low, average 250euro the week on average, with an sleeping capacity up to 180 beds. It is also the starting point for many hiking, it is a village for lovers of the Mountain range, also to transhumance in the pastures with flocks of sheep to manage; please check with the tourist office on site. Relaxing and very quiet village has a rich ancient heritage. Indeed Saint Etienne de Tinée is the cultural crossroads or French and Italian influences meet in previous centuries. This small village is home to the famous Chapel of St. Sebastian, always represented his body riddled with arrows; adorned with a sumptuous exterior fresco dating from the twelfth century is a relic of a bygone era or the Italian painters and the influence of the Renaissance were exported. Anecdote in passing, a fire ravaged the city and to take precautions during the reconstruction of the villagers not juxtaposèrent the buildings to prevent the flames from spreading surprising effect guarantees. Wandering through the streets of the small town very pretty it is possible to see on the facades of solairs dials, vestige of an era Revole