Discovery Matoue

The ideal tour of the city, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, begins Sordello, former political core of Mantua. Here are indeed the famous Palazzo Ducale and the Duomo. Do not miss the natural beauty of this lakeside city: admire Mantua from the lakes surrounding it is an unforgettable experience .

Palazzo Ducale

This vast architectural complex consists of several buildings connected by corridors. The remains of the Gonzaga family home to the famous Camera degli Sposi with frescoes by Andrea Mantegna.


Built in the late fourteenth century, the Duomo dedicated to St. Peter is Romanesque with Gothic element.

Piazza Broletto

This beautiful medieval square is home to the Palazzo del Podesta, the seat of power during the communal period. It separates the Piazza delle Erbe.

Piazza delle Erbe

This is the old market square with vegetables of Mantua. to see: the Rotonda di San Lorenzo and the Clock Tower .


The nice walk around the lakes of Mantua was recently refurbished.

Lago Superiore

at the end of the trail around the lake Superiore, it is possible to take a boat and sail around the city: the view is great and you can hear the story of the city quietly .

Chiesa Sant'Andrea

Planned by Leon Battista Alberti and built from 1472, this church is a masterpiece of the Renaissance.

Piazza Virgiliana

This site houses the nineteenth century marble monument dedicated to the Roman poet Virgil was born in Mantua in 70 BC. J.-C.

Corso Umberto I

This is the shopping street: a nice pedestrian street with arcades .

Palazzo Te

The summer residence of the Gonzaga family is a masterpiece of art by Giulio Romano. Palazzo Te houses temporary exhibitions.