Waste and recycling in Paris



You are an individual and you want to get rid of your bulky, nothing more simple, you go to the website www.encombrants.paris.fr or call 3975 Register and then place your bulky on the floor, employees of the city of Paris will the collected that day. (Max 5 items, excluding debris).
agents cause the subsequently to points relay or to landfills, to be a first sorting appliances, scrap, rubble, wood, each feature is then sent to a recycling process to be repaired, cleared, or recycled.
objects that can be reused by the following are sent to the secured network as Emmaus or want.
You can also bring items that you no longer use directly from Emmaus, (provided they are in working or repairable) or to one of the many ressourceries who opened their door these recent years in Paris, or even to a recycling center.

The ressourceries in Paris

ressourcerie is a place where you can get the things you no longer use, household appliances, furniture, hardware, books, clothing, dishes, etc., provided they are in working or repairable. These items will then be repaired and resold or sent to a recycling process.
For seniors with disabilities where some ressourceries intend to come home to get bulky.

The ressourceries on Paris:

-Ressourcerie of Interloque, 7 rue de Tétraigne, 75018
Tel: January 46 6 August 86
Open Monday to Saturday 10h / 13h and 14h / 19h .
The deposit of objects is exclusively for residents of the 18th
- Canal House, 13-17 rue Louis Blanc, 75010
Tel:. January 42 January 46 83
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 19 pm
- La Petite Roquette, 62 rue Oberkampf, 75011
Tel: 01 55 28 61 18
(Filing of clothing, linens, open only in the afternoon)
- Studio Carton, 3 rue Henri Michaux, 75013
Tel: 01 80 06 40 88
(Filing of clothing, linens, opened the afternoon)
- replayed Prevost Paradol Street 75014
Tel. 52 54 January 40 15
(a specialized ressourcerie in receiving toys)
Telephone 08 05 March 13 03 Mail

Waste and recycling: Practical numbers
  • Bulky items: 39 75
  • Toxic waste: 01 43 61 57 36

    How to sort your garbage?

    yellow tray. (Recyclable materials)

    -Carton -Bottles or rigid bottles of toiletries and household products products
    -The water bottles and drink, vinegar, oil (no need to remove labels, by cons must lids and caps).

    can opener canned food -briques

    -canettes -barquettes aluminum
    -small appliances: hairdryer, electric shavers, irons
    (recyclable waste should not be too dirty and must be loose in the tipper, this facilitates subsequent sorting procedure)
    green bin. (Non-recyclable and other plastics)
    -bags plastic
    plastic -film
    -the trays
    -the plastic egg cartons
    -the yogurt plastic cups, cream, butter
    -The plastic tubes care cream, cosmetics, toothpaste

    -pellicules pictures -brosse toothbrush
    -mouchoirs paper diapers and
    -carton stained
    food -Waste
    -bouchons cork
    -the green waste
    -capsules of beer
    -Porcelain, earthenware, pyrex
    -Mirrors, power windows or ampoules
    -Pots paint
    white Bac
    coasters (bottles, pots, jars, ... without the caps and lids)
    (do not throw in the white tray. porcelain, earthenware, pyrex, earthenware, mirrors, windows or light bulbs. All these wastes should be disposed of in the green bin)
    batteries, light bulbs, ordinate sisters ...
    Batteries, low consumption and neon lights do not need to be put in the green bin. They must be collected separately and follow a specific treatment process. It is therefore the take home your shopping or drop in deposit terminals in it .. (by cons, conventional bulbs go in the green bin).
    laptops, computers, ink cartridges in short, all that is a little technique can also be reported to the merchant, or brought directly dumped.
    (note the green dot (dark green arrow wound on itself) affixed to the product packaging does not mean that the packaging is recyclable. It simply means that the producer pays a contribution to eco-packaging or Adelphe.)

    The waste collection in Paris

    The landfills are called now the recovery centers, recycling policy so oblige..Voici the list of recovery centers in Paris
    (Caution:. Access to landfills is reserved to individuals and small to vehicles under 3.5 tonnes)

    • Recycling, Ivry-sur-Seine, Kremlin-Bicetre Gentilly: CAVE Postern
    • Recycling, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Sèvres, Boulogne-Billancourt Vanves Issy CAVE
    • Waste collection, Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis: CAVE Chapel
    • Recycling, 2 r Pegoud, 75015 PARIS
    • Déchetterie the Porte des Lilas, 32 r Flavien Brethren, 75020 PARIS
    • Déchetterie La Porte La Chapelle, 17 Avenue Porte de la Chapelle, 75018 PARIS
    • Déchetterie Invalides, 1 r Fabert, 75007 PARIS
    • Déchetterie Jessaint 32 boulevard Chapelle 75018 PARIS
    • Déchetterie 8 Destrée Dr. Jacques 75013 PARIS
    • Déchetterie Lejeune Pere et Fils, 11 Bis r Eugene Levasseur, 93230 Romainville

      Businesses, how to dispose of your bulky?

      As a professional you are responsible for the disposal of your waste. You can go through a private company to collect your waste or use the services of the municipality (paid service beyond 330 liters of waste per day).
      Some waste from businesses similar to household waste. They can be collected by waste services, provided they are presented in suitable containers and garbage collection schedules.
      Contact the service of the cleanliness of your district for more information.