Copenhagen: the must places to visit for a successful stay

Copenhagen in here is a pretty town to visit! Imagine it is the southernmost of the major Scandinavian cities, you will understand the beauty of its landscapes and the sweetness of the framework it offers us. In Copenhagen, we like to spend a good time. A quiet yet lively, sometimes just changing corner to find himself transformed. If you go you can enjoy the quality of life of those must-see places. Let's start our tour with a landmark of its history and gave it its fame: its large port. Besides the sea is everywhere in Copenhagen, the city itself is crossed by canals. A bridge, a true masterpiece of engineering connects Copenhagen to Malmö over the Baltic. With a little luck and if the sun beats down, you can swim directly into the canals! Yes, Copenhagen is a very clean city and its canals are very clean. Take the big shopping street called Stroget, and cross the town center to go to the small port docks that you faced the Nihavn. Its facades are nicely colored which gives a touch of good humor the gray days. After this walk, you can visit the Rosenborg Castle. Built in the seventeenth century, this castle is a piece of art. It was the residence of the monarchs until 1720. Transformed into a castle, it is open to the public since 1833. Visit the to discover the history of the castle, which knew during his long life several transformations obeying the moods and tastes of each of its inhabitants. Remember that Copenhagen is the city bike then leave your transport and choose to visit the city differently, biking for example. You can rent one at specialty stores. Another great place for the Churchill to see the Little Mermaid, nicknamed Den Lille havfrue. We can go to Copenhagen and to overlook this most photographed statue of the Danish capital! The statue was sculpted by Edvard Eriksen. His model was none other than his wife that he designed in 1913 and is in reference to the story of the Danish Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid, it was erected and placed there specifically.