Tips for visiting Helsinki

In the Finnish capital, there are more que70 art galleries which organize throughout the year, Finnish and modern art exhibitions. There are also 80 museums of which the best known are the City Museum, the Military Museum, the Design Museum, Ateneum Art Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

In addition, Helsinki is home to several churches and cathedrals of different styles. Visitors can enter churches and admire their architectural styles. The majority of Lutheran churches but also Catholic and Orthodox churches, one finds particularly the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe. There are also synagogues.

Helsinki is also home to several centers of attraction. We quote theaters, cinemas and numerous parks. Children will be happy to discover Helsinki Zoo and its animals.

Helsinki is surrounded by several islands. These islands such as Suomenlinna. This is the largest sea fortress in the world. It is built in the 18th century and currently houses 850 residents on six islands. At Suomenlinna, there are several restaurants and authentic cafes. It represents one of the main places to visit in Finland. We also include other islands worth visiting as Pihlajasaari, Uunisaari and Seurasaari.

As for accommodation, there are in Helsinki hotels that meet all budgets. Finland grants no classification to its hotels.

The transport in Helsinki is very well developed. The city has a network of bus, tram and metro. The trains and regional buses used to link the city with the rest of Finland. Transportation is managed mainly by the Regional Transport Company of Helsinki. The city is divided into three areas: internal area, regional area and the city. Passengers can buy single tickets or subscriptions on a definite duration. Anyone who shows no supporting transport must pay a fine of 80 euros. In Helsinki, it's a chance of history, the controller randomly selects passengers for verification.