How to get from the Schwechat airport in Vienna city center?


You have to go to downtown of Vienna but you do not know what to do when you land planes at Vienna-Schwechat Airport. Yes it's not easy to navigate in a foreign country. Yet Schwechat airport is equipped to facilitate the transport of tourists and visitors to the city center. The Vienna International Airport is 18 kilometers southeast of the city.

Now that you are there, several means of travel are offered. You can choose between bus, train and taxi.

If you decide to take the train, be aware that there is a direct line which is very convenient when you have luggage. The City Airport Train is a private train that offers a fast moving about fifteen minutes with a respectable frequency is every 15 minutes as well. You can buy your ticket on the spot.

You also have the S-Bahn, which somewhat resembles the RER Ile de France. This is the most economical means but its frequency is quite low because you have to wait about 30 minutes between each train. Displacement is also a bit long, about 25 minutes.

The bus is also convenient to the airport in Vienna's city center. Economic well, unfortunately the trip was long enough and also depends on the peak hours. The Bus Services Vienna Airport Lines is a bus line that serves several stations, as Westbahnhof or S├╝dbahnhof.

If you prefer a more private and intimate means of transport, you have the taxi option. This means of transport is convenient especially if you have lots of luggage or if you are accompanied by children and seniors, the trip takes about 25 minutes. This is the most expensive means of transport even if convenience is interesting.

You can, if you choose the option transportation links, buy the Vienna Card , kind of subscription that will cost you less if you plan to get around during your journey.