How to choose your skis?

Cross country skiing is a separate discipline that requires a minimum of knowledge to be practiced in good conditions. Before you go for long walks roads of his skis, better know how to choose the right equipment. Wrong size, wrong adjusted weight ... cross country hours can quickly turn to execution in poor conditions! Here are some tips for choosing your equipment.

The physical and practice

There are several factors to consider when choose your skis, which can be grouped into two broad categories: on one hand, your physical is important. The size and weight of the person influence the practice of significant cross-country skiing. Educate yourself so well on your measurements before leaving the store.

For your physical abilities add your level of skiing. Would you intensive practice pro type regular hobby or just an amateur? The level of investment will be affected because the advances in ski equipment make the choice is vast: materials, quality, type of ski ... it is far time where we bought a simple pair of ski to go hiking.

Then you have to take into account the type of skiing you want to practice. Yes, cross-country skiing is a more varied discipline that many would believe it! Start with the most current, the classic skiing: the skiing practiced for the ride, the most common thus .

Parallel to spatulas curved rails are the basis for the practice skiing. An anti-kickback system will be of great help for climbing a bit difficult ... it prevents slipping! It is important to swing hangs skiing with its gliding ability, according to your practice. As an indication, the skis should measure 30cm on average more than your waist ...

The skating is another form of cross-country skiing, ensuring more sensations. On flat surface, the idea is to increase the glide and speed. Spatulas are more rounded, the anti-kickback system becomes obsolete, while the skis are shorter and more manageable.

The backcountry skiing is for those who wish to leave the tracks. very attractive practice, it involves going off track during long walks in nature. Exploration has no limits, with shorter and more maneuverable skis, leaving the heel and have a backstop system to help '' on ''.

Of course, the best advice you can receive will be in stores, directly with an experienced seller in cross country skiing. Try, have contact with the materials is also important, although internet orders are increasingly developed. Just make the right choice!