How to choose your skis?

If the pros of skiing who go skiing every winter, even every weekend for the lucky, know by heart the skis that suit them for other, less accustomed to the slopes that can resemble puzzle.

It is indeed a long time since we shod a pair of wooden ski route to the slopes without more so. In skiing, the technique has always made great progress; accordingly, the material evolves in parallel, and the choice is widening more and more, depending on the practices of individuals, levels ...

Buy or rent skis

In front of the imposing department store, or face the choice of an online seller, there is something to feel a bit lost for the uninitiated. So first things first: you have two options before you go skiing, invest in equipment, whether new or used, or simply rent it, so do not bother with skis, poles, boots skiing, combination, etc, etc ... which sometimes occupy closets for years before used again.

It should be noted immediately that in both cases, it is possible to buy as rent skis in stores and on the internet. Of course, specials, very present online, are a selection criterion to consider. But be careful with skis that do not match your skiing, the pleasure of slips will be affected! Try your skis including ski boots, is important for the future comfort. If you order online, do so sufficiently in advance to return in case.

Before you buy, you better be sure of how you will use your skis. Leasing allows eg to change skis during your stay if you go downhill to freeride. For children, rent skis has the advantage of not having to change every two years, as toddlers grow fast!

The main criteria to evaluate

online or in store, it comes time to decide concretely to the pair of skis you. Among the main criteria to consider:

What is the use of your skis?

There are several ski ranges that each correspond to different practices, not necessarily interchangeable in terms of gear.

For downhill skiing on groomed track, opt rather narrow skis, 70-72mm wide, short in length, wide spatula to grasp the corners. This is the formula suitable for all tracks in the area, particularly for beginners.

For greater flexibility track / off-track, on various types of snow, opt for wider skis 80-88mm (even wider for experienced skiers) and a spatula longer, to for a pair of ski versatile, adaptable to a variety of terrains.

To venture into freeride in fresh, powdery snow, your skis will be even wider (90-97mm) long spatula you'll understand.

For freestyle, based on jumps and tricks, skis bi-spatulate necessary to ensure any kind of reception, light and handy to keep a good freedom of slides.

What is your body?

Your account morphology between then: according to your size, ideal ski length is not the same. For the classic track, your skis will be smaller than you 115cm (10cm for children, 5cm for children under 8 years), while for the freeride ski length will be equivalent to your own.

The morphological criterion is particularly important for children: height, weight, it is important that they feel comfortable on their skis. Similarly, there is now the ski ranges for women and men, with some differences in design.

The choice of ski boots is as important as the skis. A good shoe keeps your feet and ankles firmly, but do not compress. Comfort is important because you wear them for hours on the slopes!

What is your level?

No need to overestimate his abilities ... and equipment. A pair of skis standards will be largely sufficient to tackle the slopes of if you have an intermediate level! The different ski ranges are also adapted to different levels of skiers.

skis easy to control for beginners, encouraging performance for experienced skiers, intermediate ranges for skiers more or less frequent ... these are perfect for skiing that starts once a year, one or two weeks during the winter holidays.

Hardware counseling and testing

From these basic tips, the choice is simple, but the choice is wide. In stores, it's not complicated to get more details: please seek advice from a seller, who will guide you specifically in a range of products he knows. It's the same in the lower ski hire tracks.

Online, there is nobody to speak directly. However, there are forums, customer review but also hardware tests on skiing specialists sites, which are a great help to get an idea of ​​what we buy. Some examples:,,, ...