How to go to Tibet

Escapade au Tibet

Coming in Tibet flights specials means joining a region linked to China. Do not miss the opportunity offered by the promotional benefits of the major airlines to admire the level of spiritualism recognized Tibet. Indeed, the Tibetan culture draws most of its practices in Buddhism whose main promoter is called the Dalai Lama. The mountain range of the Himalayas particularize the relief of Tibet. Hikers are amply served by climbing the highest points with 14 peaks reach a height of 8000 meters. Make reservations flight + hotel to climb an altitude of 3650 meters, before reaching Lhasa which extends the view of the entire territory. The attractions of the city lie in the magnificence of the natural wealth in favor of trips. Make walking tours through the mountains to discover the fauna and flora specific Tibet. The Jokhang Temple and the Drepung monastery, those of Gyantse and Ganden among others as well as the Muslim quarter, reflect the coexistence of several religions adopted in Tibet. This beautiful country is accessible from China easily. But the best deals are available to view the characteristics of a Tibetan. It is reminiscent of the iron dragon dance showing off over top of the world, hang out with these proud people and reserved for privileged holiday.