Tours and itineraries Bali


Apart from its beach, Bali offers more entertainment and satisfaction for its visitors. Bali is one of the smaller islands of Indonesia. It is separated from Java by a strait north. It is an island that aligns beautiful beaches submerged by the Pacific and Indian oceans. Bali is a water world of dream for surfers and scuba diving enthusiasts. The seaside resorts of Bali's south and to enjoy the sea, visit Jimbaran, Legian and Sanur. For surfing enthusiasts, you can go to Kuta or on the beaches of the Bukit Peninsula. Inside the island, is the Balinese culture that is more interesting. Previously, Bali was a little known island whereas currently it is connected by air with several countries of the world including Europe. Thus, moving to this country is not very difficult. The best solution is to go by air. This is the most appropriate and easiest mode of transportation. The price is around 600 euros to 700 euros for a go / return. To receive an exceptional offer, make your reservation early in advance or at the last minute.