Five reasons to attend the hot spots and where to party in Strasbourg


Strasbourg is a university town that knows how to have fun. If the Alsatians seem cold in appearance, they are good living, which when broken ice, know fun. Neighborhoods Krutenau and the Cathedral are the hottest places where facilities for fun abound.

1 / Barco Latino

This is the address of Strasbourg and exotic necessarily hot. palm trees are found there, banana and atmosphere huts on the beach. This well placed barge on Fisherman's Wharf in the heart of town, open for cocktails and Cuban specialties. The channels are attractive environments for all those who want to nocturnal walks in Strasbourg. For all those who love the rhythms, the right address Strasbourg is shared and the opportunity to seduce a beautiful with a few dance does not lack. The salsa will have you dancing in Strasbourg, the beautiful East.

2 / phonograph

Here is the crazy bar located towards Strasbourg universities, 2 rue the Rainbow, drinking shots with friends and discover the wildlife student. The design of the bar is working and deserves to visit the facility just for that. Beautiful playlist for warm nights: soul, electro, funk and vintage ... As for the toilet, you can even play Street Fighter or Mario Kart! In the harbor, you will find all the styles! It is the interest to go! Map alcohols is interesting. Hungry can accompany their favorite drink with a block of cheese or charcuterie. /

3 / TrolleyBus

The atmosphere is famous for rock, French music or hip-hop. No nice decor, but a well frequented by the Strasbourg youth place that wants to burst. The address is located in a place the way, at 14 rue Sainte-Barbe. /

4 / Ideal

The correct address of the Jewish street, right next to the famous cathedral with its unique tower. Blue Mood Lounge and for the setting that welcomes Strasbourg and Strasbourg who like to party and have fun. This is the place to ask before clubbing. The place to sample the best cocktails in Strasbourg.

5 / Raven

The address of the Chalk Bridge has become in less than ten years an institution. This place at night is a place of rendezvous of Strasbourg who want to party. It is close to the waterfront and easy access to then join another where a feast awaits. You understood, before the Strasbourg is in this trendy lounge bar. The atmosphere is warm in a modern setting. Beautiful programming and nice small dishes.